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Top 12 Best Xbox Games Kids 2022

Last update on 2022-09-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

1. Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure – Xbox One

  • cooperate with pixar characters to help you complete each challenge, or play games on the same screen through the split-screen sofa co-op at home
  • as you solve puzzles and uncover hidden secrets, experience the sights and sounds of every pixar world.as you progress, meet new friends and unlock adventures
  • continue the pc from where you left off on another xbox device or windows 10, and bring all your archives, game plugins and achievements
  • have a great day in your own fast-paced adventure.invite your whole family to join woody, lightning mcqueen and others in a unique pixar experience

xbox games kids Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure - Xbox One

2. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Xbox One Standard Edition

  • crash bandicoot warped
  • crash bandicoot 2: cortex counterattack
  • entertainment software rating board (esrb) description: cartoon violence, comic prank
  • crash bandicoot

xbox games kids Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Xbox One Standard Edition

3. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs – Xbox 360

  • use 5 different interesting gadgets and a vehicle specially designed to manipulate huge food.
  • playing the movie hero flint, immersed in the movie in the fun and lively food battleinteractive reconstruction.
  • run more than 20 levels, distributed in 7 different environments, directly taken from the movie storyline.
  • use crazy gadgets to interact with huge food throughout the game.master each gadget and use them together to stop the machine that causes food mess.
  • cooperative experience: the second player can join/leave at any time, playing as flint’s companion, monkey

xbox games kids Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Xbox 360

4. Overcooked! 2 – Xbox One

  • romaine calm down!travel through teleporters, travel across mobile platforms, and save time by throwing ingredients into a dynamic kitchen that is constantly changing and evolving
  • feast your eyes-cook in new kitchens such as sushi restaurants, magic schools and mines!
  • satisfy your appetite!cook a series of new recipes, including sushi, cakes, burgers and pizza
  • online/local multiplayer crazy-you need to work together to get the highest score in chaotic local and online multiplayer

xbox games kids Overcooked! 2 - Xbox One

5. LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles – Xbox One

    xbox games kids LEGO Disney Pixar's The Incredibles - Xbox One

    6. Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville – Xbox One

      xbox games kids Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - Xbox One

      7. LEGO Jurassic World – Xbox 360 Standard Edition

      • relive key moments in all four jurassic movies: 65 million years of adventure-now in classic lego fun!
      • wreak havoc as a lego dinosaur: choose from 20 dinosaurs, including friendly triceratops, deadly raptors, vicious gangs, and even powerful t.rex.
      • customize your own dinosaur collection: collect lego amber and experiment with dna to create completely primitive dinosaurs, such as dilophosaurus.
      • fill and explore isla and sona: when completing special free game missions, put your unique dinosaur creations into the paddock.
      • play with family and friends, you can easily enter and exit the game options.(only available on the console.)

      xbox games kids LEGO Jurassic World - Xbox 360 Standard Edition

      8. LEGO Harry Potter: Collection – Xbox One

      • the spelling package dlc is included on the cd contains 5 spells cantos, densaugeo, ducklifors, malodors and tentaclifors
      • ininteractive tour of countless iconic locations in the beloved movie, with iconic lego humor and charm
      • 2 best-selling video games remastered in 1 package

      xbox games kids LEGO Harry Potter: Collection - Xbox One

      9. LEGO DC Super-Villains – Xbox One

      • players will have the ability to create and play a brand new super villain throughout the game
      • take the vast open world experience in the dc universe as the background
      • it’s up to you and a bunch of crazy aliens to expose the intention of the new superhero on earth

      xbox games kids LEGO DC Super-Villains - Xbox One

      10. Spongebob Surf & Skate Roadtrip – Xbox 360

      • become spongebob and explore one with patrick in the freestyle challenge modeunseen world
      • in spongebob and patrick’s seaside adventure, pick up a board and go to the beach
      • pass 12 stunning environments, each with 6 sports, when youwhen mastering skateboarding and surfing skills
      • relive spongebob and patrick’s quirky road trip through a slideshow, introducing awesome arcade style games in story mode
      • ride the wind and waves, face the rugged slopes, test your boarding skills

      xbox games kids Spongebob Surf & Skate Roadtrip - Xbox 360

      11. Dragons: Dawn Of New Riders – Xbox One

      • new adventure: restore the lost memories of the graffiti, because you have established a friendship with the patch, his ultimate hybrid dragon
      • solve puzzles: swap between the doodler and his dragons and patches to overcome obstacles
      • explore: fly to the newand familiar locations, including havenholme, valka’s mountains and blood thorn island
      • combat: unlock powerful abilities and deal with terrible enemies

      xbox games kids Dragons: Dawn of New Riders - Xbox One

      12. Minecraft: Story Mode- The Complete Adventure – Xbox 360

      • is told by an award-winning adventure game expert. the game is created in collaboration with the creator of minecraft, mojang
      • all eight episodes of the series are on one cd for the first time, and all five episodes of the first season and all three episodes of the adventure have passed.
      • you will drive the story through the decisions you make: what you say to people (and how you say), and what you choose to do at the moment of exciting action will make this yoursthe story

      xbox games kids Minecraft: Story Mode- The Complete Adventure - Xbox 360