Working mom breastfeeding at night

Working mom breastfeeding at night

It is 3:00 in the morning, and I am taking care of my child for the second time (or the third time?). Fortunately for me, this happened the night before I had to give a speech at work, and I thought it would be good to do so because I would be exhausted and schizophrenic taking coffee and hormones at the same time.

Then, the little man stopped for a moment, looked up at me with a wide gel smile, then jumped back to my chest and made a happy baby cooing sound.

It is difficult to be working moms. It’s hard to imagine that you haven’t slept at all times. It may be a challenge to prepare bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. There may also be obstacles to adapting to the new body and new schedule, and it is impossible to forget something.

While we are bravely committed to providing our children with the best nutrition, breastfeeding mothers are also committed to the 24-hour and 10-12 hour “night shift”, which will not only cause us to lose sleep but even lead to our spirits Confused. In the third week of my son’s life, “sleep time” began to bother me because I was afraid of the coming night, which might be dark, desperate, and lonely.

In my local breastfeeding support group, I asked the more than 20 mothers who gathered if anyone else had experienced nighttime anxiety and how they responded. I found that I am not alone. Almost every mother has experienced this unique night terror brand. Everyone has a unique way to stop it.

Since your brain may be a little blurry late at night, we created a list that can be kept in these later meetings. Get it now and continue reading.

These amazing mothers can not only survive the night but can also take them back. These have changed the way I look after at night and helped me regain my sanity.

I know it’s easier said than done. As mothers, it can make us feel that we know our children best. The reality is that we cannot do it all, and we cannot do it alone.

I spent the first four weeks of my son’s life, and they desperately kept my husband sleeping all night so that one of us can stay sane and clear-headed during the day. In the end, I realized that no one would benefit from a crazy and empty mother.

When my husband started to feed our son a bottle of milk every night, the resulting sleep changed my mother’s experience.

Of course, not every mother has a partner to help, and not every baby can drink a bottle. I have some nursing friends, their mothers, sisters, and friends play ps during the day. I also know many mothers whose partners bring their babies to their wife’s bed at night so that she can do bed care and make it shorter.

When do breastfed babies go to bed all night?

In the evening, with the help of my husband, the biggest change for me was the support of other women who shared my experience. I met first-time nursing mothers in my childbirth class and breastfeeding support group, and we soon realized that we are often together at the same time and can use the miracle of smartphones to keep in touch.

My friend Brooke and I started to come up with some interesting things during the night feeding. We watch the same movie in large chunks, send text messages to each other to explain the running, or text each other to review the silly little stories of the past so that each of us will wake up with something interesting.

On certain nights, we will send despair and encouragement back and forth, each time we will take turns to vent or excite.

The simple fact is that other women are working hard and feeling the same way, which makes the group feeding night even more unbearable-even team effort! Some women have no choice but to spend the night alone, but no matter where you are, other women are doing what you do at night.

Some women have no choice but to spend the night alone, but no matter where you are, other women are doing what you do at night.

Most hospitals provide free breastfeeding support groups, and there are also a large number of Facebook groups designed for breastfeeding mothers to help each other locally and across the country.

Do you want to get rid of the pressure you feel every time you need care? These next methods will ensure that you are also in a priority position.