Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

Tips for Improving Your Electric Bikes Range

Are you worried about the range of electric bicycles? When you have extra work to do but the battery is low, do you want to know some tips for extending the mileage of your ebike?

The mileage of electric bicycles is a common concern for electric bicycles. I want to provide some tips that will help you make full use of the riding ability of electric bicycles.

Some of these tips are obvious, but I have provided some other tips that can help you increase the mileage of your electric bike by a few miles or kilometers.

Release the throttle

I know it’s still fun to twist the throttle all the way back and fly towards sunset, or just turn off the traffic lights. But every time you accelerate, you consume more energy than standard cruises.

If you use CycleAnalyst or other power meters, you will find that cruising on the flat ground may pull 5 or 10 amps, and acceleration can make you easily reach the limit of the controller (usually 20 or 30 amps).

Increase the range of electric bikes

When you want to accelerate, do not fully open the throttle, but slow down the throttle and accelerate a little. By spending a few seconds to speed up, the power consumed by the battery can be greatly reduced.

This will not only leave more energy in the battery to extend the driving time but also keep the battery cool so that the same energy can be used more efficiently. Higher efficiency = better electric bike range.

Check out my article on how to increase the mileage of an electric bike just by keeping the battery cool.

Try to pedal while accelerating

Because acceleration is the heaviest battery consumption on an electric bicycle, if you step on the pedal for a few seconds while accelerating, you can reduce energy consumption by as much as half during this stage.

This means that you can save a lot of energy, especially when you stop driving. Many people are obsessed with the accelerator and don’t like pedaling, but you can think of it as a few seconds of free movement, which can also extend the distance of your e-bike (and prevent you from having to pedal when the battery is exhausted).

Substantial sliding increases the range of your electric bike

If you know that you are going to park early, for example, before a traffic light or stop sign, release the accelerator first, and then taxi to the parking spot. Riding full throttle until the moment you start braking wastes precious battery energy.

In any case, you have to stop, why not save the throttle by reducing another 50 yards before stopping?

This may increase your total travel time by a few seconds, but if you can’t survive without these three to four seconds, then maybe your electric bike is not the biggest worry in your life.

Slow down (enjoy life)

If you are not in a hurry and do not want to keep up with traffic for safety reasons, try to slow down a bit. Even a few miles per hour will greatly reduce the energy you use to maintain that speed.

Energy consumption and speed are not linear, so reducing the speed by only 5% can actually save more than 5% of energy. In other words, slowing down a few miles per hour will have a significant impact on the mileage of your electric bike.

Keep your tires inflated Electric bike range

Tires maintained at the highest air pressure rating have less rolling resistance, which means your battery wastes less energy to make you drive.

I am still trying to study the relationship between bicycle tire pressure and energy consumption, but similar studies using car tires have consistently shown that the range will increase by about 3%.

If this data also applies to bicycles, it means that if your current ebike driving distance is 30 kilometers, keeping the tires running at full load may add one kilometer. Who wouldn’t lengthen one kilometer for free?

The first is to start pedaling from the stop. This requires a lot of energy to start running, if you share the load with the motor, then your battery load will be reduced.

If you want to stop pedaling and rest for a while, the best time is when cruising. Sit back, relax, and sail at 12-18 mph. But, for example, when going up a mountain, you should start pedaling again.

Any effort made by the rider will actually have an impact on the power consumption of the battery. As we all know, climbing up a mountain requires a lot of energy. If you put all the responsibilities on the electrical system, it will quickly drain the battery.

Hard acceleration is another place where you consume too much battery energy unnecessarily, so start slowly and gradually increase the cruising speed, you will be able to get better mileage from the battery.

Keep up with the maintenance of the bike. You want to make sure that the brakes are adjusted correctly to avoid friction. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated and will usually reach a higher frequency spectrum to provide you with better rolling resistance, and then you can better drive along the road.

If your bicycle is equipped with a reading display panel, please pay attention to these matters, it can really help you understand when to use the maximum power in the battery in any given situation.

In the end, I just want to talk about how changing behavior affects the range of each charge. It takes a little time to learn how to use the bicycle in order to make the most of the bicycle, but please make a quick note at the end of this ride will help you go better far.

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