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Race Report:

The Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi was the scene for a battle royale of driver supremacy. Red Bull had already clinched the Formula 1 World Constructors Championship, thus leaving the field open for a winner takes all battle between the men inside the machines.

Alonso, starting the race in third, was in prime position to seal his third world title. Webber, starting in fifth, had only an outside chance of overhauling the red car. But wait a minute…what about the man on pole? Surely, starting the race 15 points behind Alonso, Vettel could not pull a championship out of his helmet, could he?

The five red lights went out and wheels spinning, smoke rising, engines whirring the race was a go!!

The best laid plans of mice and F1 teams were thrown out of gear by the safety car in the very first lap! Webber dived into the pits and Alonso followed suit to keep a close eye on him. In the meantime Vettel was burning up the track at the front of the field followed closely by the two McLarens. Alonso and Webber came back out behind the stubborn Renault of Petrov and kept losing time. Alonso had to finish atleast fourth to win the title even if Vettel won the race. Alonso jinked and moved but Petrov was a worthy adversary and both drivers remained stuck behind him. Kubica in the other Renault was proving to be a similar problem for Hamilton as he tried to catch Vettel after the pit stops.

But this topsy turvy season was going to be yet another record for the man with all the ‘youngest’ records in F1. Vettel won the race and with Alonso and Webber only managing 8 and 9, became the Formula 1 World Champion!


Winging it to Seventh Heaven – Intricate, beautiful and fast bulls take to the track! The RB7 is here folks! (link to pics)

Seb Vettel:

It was a sign of things to come when in one of his first races, the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix, Vettel was third behind Webber and crashed into him taking them both out of the race. Webber was not amused and called Vettel a “kid with not enough experience”. Four years later, Vettel had the final word as he took the driver’s championship from under Webber’s nose!

For a child who wanted to initially become a singer like Michael Jackson, he is doing extremely well in his current profession. Starting as a kart driver in 1995, Vettel won a number of titles and by 2007 was called upto Formula 1 permanently. As a test driver for BMW Sauber he impressed with his pace and also became the youngest driver to drive at a Grand Prix event. He got his shot in a race at the 2007 United States Grand Prix and continued his tryst with records by becoming the youngest driver to score a point in a Formula 1 race. The same year at the Japanese Grand Prix, before he ran into Webber, he became the youngest driver to lead a F1 race. Next year he went one better become the youngest polesitter at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix. He went on to win and became the youngest podium finisher and race winner! He capped his series of records with a pole to chequered flag win in the 2010 season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to become the youngest Formula 1 Drivers’ Champion.

It is safe to say now that he has lived upto Red Bull owner Mateschitz’s assessment in 2007 that he would be one of Formula 1’s stars. Having just signed a contract with Red Bull till 2014, his future certainly has wings to help him fly higher!


“Look at all that volcanic ash….maybe Michel will lend us a cap”


Adrian Newey: How much longer before you give the Red Bulls real wings??