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Top 10 Best Pull Behind Spreaders 2023

Last update on 2023-09-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

1. Brinly BS36BH, 175 Lb, Black Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

  • durable: all parts in contact with corrosive fertilizer are designed to be durable: heavy-duty polyethylene hopper with stainless steel hardware, rotating shaft and agitator. the glass-filled nylon gear is completely enclosed with the nylon gearbox to provide additional protection.
  • made in the usa: trusted since 1839, brinly-hardy has been committed to providing high-quality, durable and innovative lawn and garden products made in the usa
  • # ## universal connection: contains a heavy-duty universal connection pin to easily connect the spreader to any rider or tractor and most ztr or atv.
  • easy calibration: the calibration control has an easy-to-reach locking dial for safe rate gate settings. brinly provides hundreds of pre-calibrated settings to help you get started and complete your work more accurately and efficiently.
  • including hopper lid: including a transparent top hopper lid, which is easy to open/close elastically to prevent the entry of moisture, materials and dust-keep away from the driver and other people.
  • 30-minute quick assembly: includes a picture assembly manual with fastener skin pack; each part is matched to each assembly step. the assembly video is also available on the brinly youtube channel
  • spreading widths up to 12 feet : high-speed 6:1 glass-filled nylon gear provides the widest spread mode at the slowest speed.
  • large-capacity hopper: the extra-large, rust-proof and dent-proof polyethylene hopper can hold 175 pounds (3.5 cubic feet) of seeds, fertilizers, melting ice, etc. to maximize the spreading time and refill the hopper. ideal size of 1 acre or larger.
  • patented automatic flow with extended mode control: the brimley extender is designed for professional-grade results. the spread of different materials is very different; the directional expansion mode control allows you to center and evenly distribute the pattern to balance the application of any material. patented automatic flow technology prevents material from spreading when the tractor is stopped-eliminating the waste and burns that usually occur with other towed spreaders.

pull behind spreaders Brinly BS36BH, 175 lb, Black Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

2. Agri-Fab 85 Lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader 45-0530 85 Lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader, One Size, Black

  • wheel: 10″ pneumatic tire
  • capacity: 85 pounds; 1/4 acre (14,000 square feet). number of pallets:36
  • optional accessories: hopper cover (69711), grate (69128) and deflector kit (69115)
  • power source type: tractor rear pull
  • operation: cable flow control
  • spreading width: up to 10 feet spreading
  • structure: solid steel frame; polyethylene hopper, spreader plate and enclosed gear box
  • assembly: some assembly is required; a video instruction guide can assist the assembly process

pull behind spreaders Agri-Fab 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader 45-0530 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader, One Size, Black

3. Chapin 8620B 150 Lb Tow Behind Spreader With Auto-Stop, Red 8620B 150 Lb Tow Behind Spreader With Auto-Stop

  • gear box with oil-impregnated bronze bearings and grease fittings
  • 150-pound capacity towing rear cranewith
  • wide tiresurface 14″ pneumatic tire; number of pallets: 8
  • oil-impregnated bronze bearings minimize friction on the shaft and gearbox
  • automatically stop the double impeller to stop spreading when not in motion
  • heavy-duty trailer hook designed for professional use
  • made in the united states
  • easy-to-set gate adjustment with 11 incremental settings for accurate application

pull behind spreaders Chapin 8620B 150 lb Tow Behind Spreader with Auto-Stop, Red 8620B 150 lb Tow Behind Spreader with Auto-Stop

4. Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader , Black

  • large diameter tires and wide wheelbase can maintain stability on rough terrain”
  • the 130-pound hopper capacity can save time for refilling on a larger area of lawn”
  • durable linkage switch control with precise settings”.operational
  • optional hopper cover, material deflector and hopper grate are available “
  • closed gear box with bevel gears for uniform spreading and long service life”

pull behind spreaders Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader , Black

5. Streamline Industrial SEEDER & SPREADER Commercial – 500 Lb Capacity – Tow Behind For Atvs UTV Tractor

  • bundle list: none
  • spreader and planter-commercial: 500 lb capacity-suitable for atv, utv and garden tractors
  • type: drag behind the spreader and planter-atv
  • brand:
  • mpn: virwbb1507428

pull behind spreaders Streamline Industrial SEEDER & SPREADER Commercial - 500 Lb Capacity - Tow Behind for ATVs UTV Tractor

6. Newer Spreader Model 200

  • this unit is aluminum (silver), and this unit has free tires!
  • the agitator is also standard equipment.
  • this unit is also equipped with a waterproof cloth cover as standard! (worth 70.00 usd!)
  • the device comes standard with 2″ ball bolt attachments (the lower pin bolt is standard) (worth $35.00!)
  • we ship the unit only in the continental united states without assembly.

pull behind spreaders Newer Spreader Model 200

7. Sealey SPB57T Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader, 57Kg

  • spread: 3-3.6mtr
  • including hopper filter to ease the flow of the spreader and filter out unwanted pollutants
  • equipped with aluminum gear, rain cover, pneumatic tire and adjustable feeding system
  • dimensions: 680 mm x 980 mm x 790 mm
  • suitable for all kinds of gardening agents,including gravel, seeds, salt, fertilizers and herbicides
  • the pin bolt is designed to be connected to the riding lawn mower, and the model can be converted into a ball bolt.tb36
  • spread: 3-3.6 m
  • volume: 60 liters

pull behind spreaders Sealey SPB57T Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader, 57kg

8. Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader, Black

  • rusty polyethylene hopper increases product life
  • hopper capacity is 17 gallons (dry)/175 pounds
  • 42 inches of controlled unfolding width
  • 40,000 square feet of coverage; about 1 acre
  • high-quality galvanized steel agitator improves durability; pneumatic tires can be transported smoothly, with a 3-year limited consumer warranty

pull behind spreaders Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader, Black

9. Agri-Fab Inc 45-0547 185 Lb. L & G Tow Broadcast Spreader, Orange

  • assembly: some needassembly
  • hook: universal hook can be easily connected and quickly applied to all tractors
  • coverage: 1 acre (40,000 square feet)
  • operation: open/close control can be performed from the tractor seat
  • spreading width: up to 12 feet.spread
  • structure: heat-treated steel gears to increase strength
  • accessories: including hopper cover
  • wheels: 13″ x 5″ turf tread pneumatic tires
  • capacity: 185 pounds capacity

pull behind spreaders Agri-Fab Inc 45-0547 185 lb. L & G Tow Broadcast Spreader, Orange

10. Spyker Pro Series Tow-Behind Spreader – 175Lb. Capacity, Model Number P30-17520

  • product type: mechanical parts
  • country of origin: united states
  • package weight: 44.0 lbs
  • package quantity: 1

pull behind spreaders Spyker Pro Series Tow-Behind Spreader - 175lb. Capacity, Model Number P30-17520