Recommended microwaves for elderly with dementia

microwaves for elderly with dementia

Taking care of our elderly with dementia entails choosing the best kitchen equipment for them. Microwaves are one such equipment to ensure that your elderly can warm and cook simple foods without help. Here are some of the best microwaves for the elderly with dementia. You should do more research through the internet before you make the final decision to buy one, and read more information about microwaves fro dementia seniors. We recommend one article on how to buy the microwaves for seniors with dementia patients.

i. hOmeLabs microwave

If you are on a budget, this microwave is ideal for your elderly. The hOmeLabs microwave is small in size but with a large display. It also operates at a power of 1050 watts to avoid any fire hazards in a home.

The microwave comes with preset cook buttons making it easier for the elderly to cook certain foods. There are also numbers below the buttons to set the cooking time. HomeLabs is a pull microwave.


• Ideal size for elderly

• Large display

• Preset buttons


• Lacks auto-shutoff feature

ii. Amana-RMS10DSA

The feature that makes this microwave ideal for elderly is the simplicity. The microwave only has one button, which is the timer. Many buttons lead to confusion which frustrates the elderly with dementia. Pull instead of a button, opens the door of the microwave.

The microwaves have a power supply of 1000 watts which is not too hot for dementia elderly. The notification sound is also very loud.


• Straightforward design

• Small to medium size

• Loud ding


• No auto shutoff sensor

• Limited control options

iii. Sharp 15-0429 stainless steel microwave

A programmable microwave is an asset for the elderly with severe dementia. This microwave can be programmed for use with certain foods. For instance, you can program the reheat button to run for one minute at full power every time. There is no limit to the number of programs you can create.

The microwave also features a large display and large print for the different programs. The size is designed to hold a full plate but not too big. It’s easy to open with a pull handle. Finally, it has a loud notification to alert the elderly when the food is ready.


• Programmable controls

• Large display

• Easy to open


• Very expensive

How to choose a microwave for elderly with dementia?

• Microwave size- microwaves come in small, medium, and family sizes. Your elderly are likely to be living alone in most cases. A small microwave will be ideal for them to save on counter space. The microwave should also use fewer watts to avoid fire hazards among your elderly living with dementia.

• Control buttons- microwaves come with varying control knobs, but buttons and knobs are the most popular. A touchscreen control would not be ideal for dementia elderly as they have to concentrate on figuring out how to use them. Intimidating controls may also discourage them from usi9ng the device. If the condition is severe, microwaves with printed buttons are ideal. For instance, a control button with a fish for the times they want to cook fish.

• Loud notification- elderly living with dementia are likely to forget that they had tossed something in the microwave. The microwave should, therefore, come with a very loud ding to notify them when the food is ready to reduce the chances of forgetting.

• Auto-shutoff feature- even with loud notifications, there is no guarantee that dementia elderly will remember to take out the food from the oven. A small microwave with a shutoff feature will be perfect for them. When the timer goes off, the microwave will automatically go off to regulate temperatures and avoid burning.

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