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Top 12 Best Kinnect Games 2022

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1. Kinect Adventures! Xbox 360

  • the game requires the use of the xbox 360 kinect sensor-sold separately
  • the adventurous spirit is waiting for you!
  • you, your friends and family will jump, dodge and kick in 20 thrilling adventures
  • show off and share your achievements online with photo moments and living statues.

kinnect games Kinect Adventures! Xbox 360

2. Kinect Sports

  • come back with strength
  • obstacles to getting a gold medal
  • kick score

kinnect games Kinect Sports

3. Kinect Sports Rivals XBOX One

  • looking for a new challenge every month
  • always a new experience
  • experience kinect on xbox
  • accurate release
  • make sure it fits
    by entering your model number.

kinnect games Kinect Sports Rivals - XBOX One

4. Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360

  • multiple difficulty levels can be played at the same time, fans of all levels can enjoy the game together.
  • complete your destiny as a jedi, driving iconic ships and airships, racing pods and more.
  • without a controller, you can experience the ultimate “star wars” fantasy.
  • share the fun with friends through cooperation and competition mode.
  • stunning visual effects will take you into the world of many movies, as well as the iconic characters, vehicles, ships and robots you would expect.

kinnect games Kinect Star Wars - Xbox 360

5. Kinect Joy Ride

  • run faster, higher and more wild
  • full body stunts
  • have fun behind the steering wheel

kinnect games Kinect Joy Ride

6. Ice Age: Continental Drift Kinect Xbox 360

  • test your skills in multiple modes, including story mode and designed to test even the most proficientfree game for arctic athletes
  • climb to the top of the leaderboard when challenging your friends in fast-paced multiplayer games
  • fight for prehistoric plunder and win gold, silver and bronze acorns
  • jump, smash and sprint in 10 wild arctic events, including glacier jumping,prehistoric plumber, bob smashing, and coconut slingshot!

kinnect games Ice Age: Continental Drift Kinect - Xbox 360

7. American Ninja Warrior Xbox One

  • local multiplayer games and; online rankings
  • 15 truly challenging obstacles
  • custom role creator
  • custom course creator

kinnect games American Ninja Warrior - Xbox One


  • platform: microsoft xbox 360
  • region code: no region
  • release year: 2010
  • game name: kinect adventure!
  • note: we only accept returns within 7 days.the buyer has the right to pay the freight.please read and understand before purchasing.


9. Game Party: In Motion Xbox 360

  • post xbox achievements on your facebook wall and automatically notify your facebook friends, when you play online, they can join the party
  • importyour xbox real-time avatar can be used in the game to represent you
  • utilizing the microsoft kinect sensor (sold separately, requires playing the game), which uses your body’s natural movement as the controller
  • multiplayer game support, including up to 16 players locally andtournament mode of online battle mode 2 to 4 players
  • 16 family favorite arcades, such as mini games, including darts, basketball shooting, rootbeer taps, table hockey, etc.

kinnect games Game Party: In Motion - Xbox 360

10. Wipeout In The Zone Xbox 360

  • local 4-player multiplayer game support
  • watch your craziest lesson moments through replay
  • can unlock characters and new episodes, presenting unique and high-quality family time
  • more than 50 obstacles, including those from tv showsold friends, sucker punches, big balls, etc.
  • play games with your favorite xbox live avatar and let it do the dirty work

kinnect games Wipeout In the Zone - Xbox 360

11. Kinect Sports Season Two

  • have a one-on-one duel with your family, or send a challenge to your friendsafter you log in to xbox live, solve
  • show kinnect intuitive gameplay and relaxing immersion
  • log in to your kinectshare account to download photos and videos taken in the game, and share them with your family and friends
  • hassix team-based and individual sports-tennis, golf, american football, baseball, skiing and darts-each
  • new achievements, exciting activities, and unlockable avatar rewards. every player with each skill will find something to challenge and attract them
  • allthere are unique challenges and activities

kinnect games Kinect Sports Season Two

12. Deca Sports Freedom Xbox 360

  • experience 10 different sports events: tennis, boxing, archery, paintball, beach volleyball, dodge ball, kendo, big shot skiing, snowboarding and figure skating
  • challenge local and regional decathlon athletes to participate in online sports competitions
  • swing a tennis racket, poke with your hand, and pull the bowstring backwardswait to control sports action
  • develop sports actions and make 10 sports games come to life-without a controller, thanks to kinect compatibility (not including kinect)
  • unlock the latest sports equipment and fashions from adidas for your players in the gamedress in the middle, and even win clothes to make your avatar wear out the game

kinnect games Deca Sports Freedom - Xbox 360