DI Marketing Online | Online market research in Asia

Full Market Research Service in Japan

  • We offer a full Research Study to help our clients
    understand the market and make a smarter decisions.
  • We believe we can give you an insight for consumer
    analysis, strategy for both communication and
    positioning, or for knowing your advertisement effect.
  • Whether you need online or offline research,
    quantitative or qualitative method for better
    understanding of the Japanese market, please don’t
    hesitate to contact us.

Online Market Research in Asia

  • We own 2 million online panel in Japan, Taiwan,
    Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.
  • We guarantee the online panel will help you to
    have better understanding of the market.

Business consultancy in ASEAN

We provide market insight and strategies to help foreign companies enter the South East Asian markets. Our expertises cover various industries including FMCG, Retails, Fashion, Pharmaceutical in key South East Asian countries. We supply tailored audience insight and in-depth data analysis covering both consumer and business market research in Asia.