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Top 12 Best Efficient Dehumidifiers 2022

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1. SEAVON Upgraded Dehumidifiers For Home, Up To 5000 Cubic Feet (510 Sq. Ft) Dehumidifiers For High Humidity With Remote Control, 2000Ml Ultra Quiet Portable Dehumidifiers With Two-Mode, Auto Shut Off For Basement, Bathroom, RV, Office

    efficient dehumidifiers SEAVON Upgraded Dehumidifiers for Home, Up to 5000 cubic Feet (510 sq. ft) Dehumidifiers for High Humidity with Remote Control, 2000ml Ultra Quiet Portable Dehumidifiers with Two-Mode, Auto Shut Off for Basement, Bathroom, RV, Office

    2. 3000 Sq.Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star, Auto-Shut Off And Continuous Drainage, 24H Built-In Timer, Efficient And 35 Pint Portable Home Dehumidifiers For Basements, Bathroom, Wardrobe, Bedroom- TKD350

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    • ????new product release????ideal dehumidifier to maintain health and optimal air humidity
    • ➀maintain healthy humidity: the maximum dehumidification area can reach 3000 square meters. ft, our dehumidifier can remove 35 pints (50 pints 2012 doe standard) of moisture per day, and the humidity ranges from 30% to 80%. it effectively removes excess moisture and helps protect your home from allergies and odors. it is suitable for living rooms, basement, bathroom, laundry
    • ➀practical design: smart control panel, fast and easy to operate; with 360Β° rotatable wheels and hidden handles, you can easily reach every corner of the room. the filter cleaning reminder reminds you to keep the filter clean. the filter can be washed to help reduce dust
    • ➀efficient and intelligent: three modes: automatic drying, continuous or manual setting and different fan speeds, suitable for various types of dehumidification needs; use 24-hour built-in timing even if you are not at home, the dehumidifier will automatically start and stop, and then you can enjoy a more comfortable living environment when you come back
    • ## # ➀auto-off/on function: when the empty bucket light is on, it means the bucket is full, and the compressor will stop running until the bucket is empty; once the relative humidity of the room reaches the required setting, it will automatically stop working, and then sense the target automatically restart dehumidification when humidity is above
    • ➀easy to drain: 2 drainage options, detachable water tank (4.3l/1.1 gallon) with a comfortable handle and overflow-proof tank guard, so you can choose to manually drain and empty it easily; or connect a hose (not included) to the drain hose outlet and drain continuously by gravity

    efficient dehumidifiers 3000 Sq.ft Dehumidifier Energy Star, Auto-shut Off and Continuous Drainage, 24H Built-in Timer, Efficient and 35 pint Portable Home Dehumidifiers for Basements, Bathroom, Wardrobe, Bedroom- TKD350

    3. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier For Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (225 Sq Ft) Portable And Compact 16 Oz Capacity Quiet Dehumidifiers For Basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Laundry Room, Closet, Auto Shut Off

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    • ultra-quiet work: this small dehumidifier has built-in thermoelectric cooling technology (peltier). it is quiet enough during operation, and the dehumidification capacity is less than 30 decibels, creating a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment for you.
    • easy to use: the dehumidifier has only one switch, when you use it, you only need to connect it to the power supply, and then press the switch. it is suitable for bathrooms and wardrobes. exquisite and compact, easy to carry, travel, or picnic with friends. portable dehumidifiers can save space and make your life more fulfilling.
    • automatic shutdown: when the water is full, our dehumidifier will automatically stop working to prevent water overflow. in addition, the dehumidifier indicator lights up to remind customers to empty the water tank. note: the best working environment is above 50 Β°f and above 40% relative humidity.
    • efficient dehumidification: this seavon small dehumidifier has a water tank with a capacity of 16 ounces (500 ml), and the dehumidification range can cover 2200 square feet. it can absorb excess water from the air, removing up to 11.8 ounces (400 ml) of water per day. release dry air to make you breathe comfortably.
    • energy saving and health: this dehumidifier is not only efficient, but also saves energy for you. the rated voltage and current are 9v and the current is 2.5a. it consumes only 0.23 kilowatts of electricity in 24 hours, making you comfortable and dry all day. in addition, the dehumidifier is small in size and will not take up your space.

    efficient dehumidifiers SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (225 sq ft) Portable and Compact 16 oz Capacity Quiet Dehumidifiers for Basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Laundry Room, Closet, Auto Shut Off

    4. RZH 110L Commercial Dehumidifier Intelligent Efficient Dehumidification Multi-Protection Air Dryer For 1-12H Timing

    • rotary compressor, ecological 410a refrigerator, air filtration system, automatic digital control electronics, built-in humidistat, defrost system with compressor protection, possibility to connect drain hose, water tank to collect water, transport on wheels and apply lead-free epoxy paint in the oven.
    • if you have anything else you need to know, please contact us and we will answer your questions seriously.
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    • ergonomics, compact structure, high quality and easy to use.
    • suitable for commercial or private places, rooms, small warehouses, basements, farms, etc.
    • portable dehumidifier, used to reduce air humidity, provide personal health and protect gender storage.

    efficient dehumidifiers RZH 110L Commercial Dehumidifier Intelligent Efficient Dehumidification Multi-Protection Air Dryer for 1-12h Timing

    5. Danby Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

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    • low temperature operation to 41f
    • front water tank with a capacity of 12.7 pints, tank full indicator
    • can be used in a room up to 4,500 square feet, depending on conditions
    • 2 fan speeds (high/low) and 24-hour on/off timer
    • portable dehumidifier up to a daycan remove 70 pints of moisture in the air

    efficient dehumidifiers Danby Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

    6. Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifiers 2200 Cubic Feet Big & Small – Portable Mini Dehumidifiers 16Oz & 52Oz Capacity With Auto Shut Off For Home, Bedroom, Basement, Trailer, RV

    • big & compact: a compact and powerful dehumidifier and a larger capacity dehumidifier to meet your various dehumidification needs! very suitable for homes, basements, closets, rvs, trailers.
    • ultra quiet & high efficiency: built-in thermoelectric cooling technology (peltier) can operate without a compressor, which means quiet operation in the bedroom, bathroom and office
    • small &compact: lightweight, compact and portable. with a 16/52 ounce tank capacity, up to 9/18 ounces of water can be removed per day. can cover up to 2200/3000 cubic feet (215/250 square feet)
    • reduce humidity: it is very suitable for high humidity environments in your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, rv, trailer, garage, closet, and cabinet. like all small dehumidifiers, the best working temperature is 59-86Β°f. it will not work below 41Β°f.
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    • automatic turn off: when it is full, the dehumidifier will automatically turn off and the led light will light up, indicating that the water tank needs to be drained. just empty the water tank and put it back in the dehumidifier

    efficient dehumidifiers Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifiers 2200 Cubic Feet Big & Small - Portable Mini Dehumidifiers 16oz & 52oz Capacity with Auto Shut Off for Home, Bedroom, Basement, Trailer, RV

    7. MADETEC Upgraded Dehumidifiers For Home (550 Sq.Ft), Small Portable Dehumidifier With Drain Hose And 64Oz Water Tank , Ideal For Basements Bedroom Bathroom Closet Kitchen RV

    • energy saving & safety: the electric dehumidifier is highly energy-saving and has a built-in power supply, which is safer. the power is only 48w/hour, that is, it only consumes 1.1kw in 24 hours operation. compared with other dehumidifiers, it is more environmentally friendly!
    • note: dehumidification performance depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment. the best working temperature of this dehumidifier is 59-86Β°f, and it will not work if it is lower than 41Β°f. recommended environment: temperature>59℉, humidity>40%.
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    • convenient handle: madetec safety dehumidifier is suitable for different rooms (recommended 107 square feet-550 square feet). you can easily place the dehumidifier anywhere with a convenient handle, which is very suitable for living rooms, basements, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, etc.
    • convenient drainage: when the water tank reaches its maximum capacity, the “tank full” indicator will light up, the small dehumidifier will automatically shut down, and you can take out the water tank and empty it. the device is also equipped with a 4.92-foot drain hose, which you can connect to the drain pipe hole for continuous drainage.
    • ultra-quiet operation: during operation, the noise generated by the silent dehumidifier is less than 50db, and there is no noisy or annoying noise. in addition, the one-button switch design helps you easily operate the bedroom dehumidifier.
    • more efficient: this portable dehumidifier is equipped with a 64 oz (2000 ml) water tank, which can quickly and effectively remove up to 1000 ml (temperature: 86Β°f, humidity: 80%rh) of moisture in the air every day. improve the quality of the environment and make your home more comfortable and healthier all the time.

    efficient dehumidifiers MADETEC Upgraded Dehumidifiers for Home (550 Sq.ft), Small Portable Dehumidifier with Drain Hose and 64oz Water Tank , Ideal for Basements Bedroom Bathroom Closet Kitchen RV

    8. Emerson Quiet Kool High Efficiency 20 Pint Smart Dehumidifier With Wi-Fi, Voice Control, And Amazon Alexa & Google Home Compatibility | Ideal For Bathrooms, Basements, And Bedrooms | EAD20SE1T, White

    • eliminate moisture and odors in humid air-emerson portable dehumidifiers can be placed in various locations of your home or apartment, such as attic, bedroom, basement, bathroom, garage or any other you want to eliminate mold environment, mold and allergens. breathe clean air again!
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    • reliable, convenient & easy to use-buy this dehumidifier to create a comfortable space with excellent air quality. use the electronic control device with led display to adjust to your ideal setting, and let the machine complete the work of controlling the humidity level. the settings include 3 different fan speeds. other features include automatic defrost, full tank alarm, clean filter alarm and automatic shut-off function, all of which are designed to make your life easier!
    • control anytime, anywhere-this smart dehumidifier can be used in conjunction with amazon alexa and google home, allowing you to easily use and control it at home or anywhere on the road.
    • warranty: emerson’s 1-2-5 year warranty allows you to use our products with confidence. 1 year labor, 2 years parts and 5 years compressor.
    • 20 pint dehumidifier-it can effectively remove up to 20 pints of moisture in the air every 24 hours. dehumidifiers can quickly absorb moisture in 1,500 square feet of space, thereby improving your air quality on multiple levels.

    efficient dehumidifiers Emerson Quiet Kool High Efficiency 20 Pint Smart Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi, Voice Control, and Amazon Alexa & Google Home Compatibility | Ideal for Bathrooms, Basements, and Bedrooms | EAD20SE1T, White

    9. Dehumidifier Seavon 3200 Cubic Feet(280 Sq Ft) Dehumidifier For Damp Rid, 1500Ml Capacity, Portable Compact And Quiet Dehumidifiers For Home, Basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV With Auto Shut Off

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    • safe automatic shutdown: when the water in the water tank reaches a certain level, the dehumidifier automatically shuts down to prevent water overflow, and the indicator light turns yellow.
    • efficient dehumidification: the seavon portable dehumidifier with a 50 oz (1500 ml) capacity water tank extracts up to 500 ml of water per day in a humid environment at 86Β°f and 80% relative humidity. keep the moisture below 45% and remove moisture from the air efficiently.
    • create a healthy environment: according to research, more than 50% moisture in the air can cause discomfort or other health problems. the best working temperature of the dehumidifier is 59-104Β°f. it collects moisture and releases fresh air to provide you with a healthy and comfortable environment.
    • easy to use: the dehumidifier is controlled by one button and is very easy to use. the compact design is ideal for controlling humidity in homes, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, rvs, garages and closets. it saves you the trouble of complicated operation and saves your time.
    • ultra-quiet operation: the dehumidifier has built-in semiconductor condensation technology and can operate without a compressor. the bedroom and office operate silently, and the sound is less than 39db, which does not affect work, sleep or study, and is suitable for use at night.
    • great customer service &warranty: we provide excellent customer service support and technical support. questions will be answered within 24 hours. seavon dehumidifiers provide 30 days free return and one year warranty.

    efficient dehumidifiers Dehumidifier Seavon 3200 Cubic Feet(280 sq ft) Dehumidifier for Damp Rid, 1500ml Capacity, Portable Compact and Quiet Dehumidifiers for Home, Basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV with Auto Shut Off

    10. LVYUAN Upgraded Dehumidifier For Home, Dehumidifiers For High Humidity In Basements Bedroom Closet Bathroom Kitchen Small Quiet Portable Electric Small Dehumidifiers With 2000Ml (68Oz) Water Tank

    • ultra-quiet-household dehumidifier uses advanced whisper technology, no compressor, less noise. the noise is about 45db, very quiet, and will not disturb your sleep or work.
    • energy saving-this bedroom dehumidifier does not contain chemical substances and has low energy consumption. it is an ideal moisture absorption and condensation environmental protection solution. energy saving and environmental protection, no waste of electricity.
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    • small and compact-this electric dehumidifier can be easily moved from room to room as needed, and saves a lot of space in the room. it is ideal for rooms of approximately 300 square feet, such as family basement bedroom baby room office bathroom kitchen caravan garage large room etc
    • efficient-this small dehumidifier has a larger air inlet. quickly and effectively remove water from your place, the maximum capacity of the water tank is 2000ml (67oz), and the absorption in 80 years is as high as 600ml-700ml/day%rh environment. note: when the humidity is lower than 40%, the machine will stop dehumidifying. this is normal and the machine is not damaged.
    • automatic shutdown-our room dehumidifier will automatically shut off the water when the water tank is full, stop working, and the indicator light will turn red. you don’t have to worry about overflowing when you sleep or go out.

    efficient dehumidifiers LVYUAN Upgraded Dehumidifier for Home, Dehumidifiers for High Humidity in Basements Bedroom Closet Bathroom Kitchen Small Quiet Portable Electric Small Dehumidifiers with 2000ml (68oz) Water Tank

    11. Whynter RPD-506EWP ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 50 Pint High Capacity Portable Dehumidifier With Pump Up To 4000 Sq Ft, White

    • direct discharge option, continuous operation; condensate pump to push the water upward or longerdistance; hoses include: 16.5′ drain hose for condensate pump drainage and 20″ drain hose for gravity drainage
    • quiet operation, normal operation noise level is less than 55 dba; washable pre-filter; handles and casters are easy to carry; non-ozone-depleting refrigerant: r410a
    • three operating modes: continuous, comfortable andnormal; adjustable humidity range is 35 – 85% relative humidity
    • low temperature operation (lowest ambient temperature 40Β°fs); automatic restart and automaticclose function; including washable pre-filter
    • recognized as the most efficient energy star 2022, showing the specifications for reducing energy consumption during use; 4,000 square feet large dehumidifier; 50 pints (70 pints 2012 us department of energy standard) capacity dehumidifier; 13 pints removable bucket

    efficient dehumidifiers Whynter RPD-506EWP ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 50 Pint High Capacity Portable Dehumidifier with Pump up to 4000 sq ft, White

    12. AIRPLUS 30 Pints Dehumidifier For Medium Spaces And Basements (AP1907)

    • quiet moisture absorbent &multi-scene: quiet dehumidification keeps you away from annoying noise. an ideal bedroom dehumidifier that will not disturb your rest. it can also play an excellent role in the living room, caravan, kitchen and closet. at the same time, it can be perfectly used as a dehumidifier in the basement. create a happy and comfortable life.
    • convenient drainage & sufficient capacity: continuous drainage using the dehumidifier hose, automatically free you from the trouble of manual work. the 1.5 liter capacity of our dehumidifier is sufficient for use. if the water tank is full, the machine will shut down until empty. more convenient and labor-saving!
    • simple operation & multi-purpose mode: the portable dehumidifier is easy to use. there are four modes-standard, dry, sleep and rain to meet different needs. switch the mode to achieve the desired dehumidification effect. thanks to the scheduled power-on/off function, it saves a lot of trouble. more importantly, the universal wheels can move easily.
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    • after-sales service: our basement dehumidifier provides excellent service of replacement or full refund. if you have any questions about the bathroom dehumidifier or shopping experience, please contact us.
    • efficient dehumidification: airplus dehumidifier-(1907) a household dehumidifier can remove up to 30 pints (under 90% relative humidity @ 86Β°f) of moisture per day.

    efficient dehumidifiers AIRPLUS 30 Pints Dehumidifier for Medium Spaces and Basements (AP1907)