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Top 12 Best Dac With Headphones 2022

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1. Fiio K3 Type-C USB DAC Headphone Amp

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  • high-performance discrete headphone driver and circuit protection
  • features
  • usb type-c dac: support up to 384khz/32bit
  • usb port power supply: convenient and safe
  • various ports: lineout single-ended/balanced headphone output coaxial and optical

dac with headphones FiiO K3 Type-C USB DAC Headphone Amp

2. Monolith Desktop Headphone Amplifier And DAC With THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 Dacs & Dual AAA-788 Modules)

  • the most linear amplifier technology in the world: thx achromatic audio amplifier (thx aaa) ensures the ultimate uncompromising headphone audio experience
  • balance & singleheadphone output: compatible with all headphones and items
  • true balanced operation: each thx stereo amplifier module operates in a bridge configuration to maximize the output power of each channel, and each dac operates in mono mode
  • double akm 4493 dac: the new flagship 32-bit stereo advanced dac.it supports pcm input up to 768khz and direct stream digital input up to 2.8/5.6/11. 2mhz
  • customize your voice: use powerful digital tools to customize the voice to your personal preferences.does your headset have a slight sound?set peq to tame this frequency peak

dac with headphones Monolith Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules)

3. Fiio E10K USB DAC And Headphone Amplifier (Black)

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  • usb connection — connect to your laptop via a micro usb connection, which also provides power to it.
  • portable design — the stylish brushed aluminum casing and chassis can be durable and portable.
  • [unbelievable low background noise] optimized active low pass and bass circuit design can ensure that the background noise is reduced under any circumstances, allowing your music to be played faithfully.the usb c type connector provides more compatibility for the device.at the same time, the headphone/line/coaxial (up to 24-bit/192khz) output is easier to connect to other devices.
  • dac chip-the internal dac chip is pcm102, which can handle pcm files up to 24 bit/96 khz, while improving audio quality through linear filters, reducing the delay and internal mute when changing tracks, and there is no phasetransfer.
  • low noise floor — the device has an optimized low-pass filter and optional bass enhancement circuit, designed for low noise floor under all conditions.

dac with headphones FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier (Black)

4. FX AUDIO DAC And Headphone Amplifier DAC-X6MKII 192Khz Bluetooth DAC With Headphone Amp Optical/Coaxial/PC-USB/ Bluetooth To RCA & 6.35MM Headset Digital To Analog Audio Converter (Silver)

  • 【192khz bluetooth dac converter】–this mobile phone amplifier dac transfers pc-usb/optical/coaxial/bluetooth digital signals to l/r rca and 6.35mm jack headphone analog signal, also used as a preamplifier. the sampling rate is up to 24bit/192khz. its power supply is dc 12v, which can be used for ps3, ps4, xbox, blu-ray players, mobile phones, laptops, high-definition dvds, home theater systems, av amplifiers, etc. it is very suitable for home theaters, teaching, training structures, conference rooms, home appliance stores, etc.
  • # ## [6.35mm earphone& rca speaker/amplifier]– dac converter can connect l/r rca amplifier, speaker and 6.35mm jack earphone. we provide an additional 6.35mm to 3.5mm headphone jack converter, so this dac can also use 3.5mm jack headphones. speakers and headphones cannot be used at the same time. when both passive speakers and headphones are connected to dac, the output will automatically switch to headphones. the volume knob can adjust the headphone volume
  • [aluminum alloy dac audio converter]—aluminum metal shell makes this bluetooth headphone amplifier light, durable and durable hot. the gold-plated socket enhances the high-definition sound signal of long-distance broadcasting. the black gold pcb board provides high performance and stable signal transmission. what’s in the box: 1 x dac-x6mkii dac converter, 1 x power cord, 1 x pc usb cable, 1 x optical cable, 1 x 6.35mm to 3.5mm jack headphone converter, 1 x rca line
  • [bluetooth 5.0 dac with aptx]–the front dac adopts bluetooth 5.0 version with antenna, supports aptx, and ensures low signal loss and stable transmission. the bluetooth dac receiver supports most bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. the wireless connection within 10m/33ft makes the device more convenient to use
  • [high-performance chip dac]-headphone amp dac uses high-performance ess9018 decoding chip, supporting 16bit-24bit/44.1khz-192khz sampling rate. bt module chip: qcc3008 (bluetooth 5.0). it is also equipped with cm6642 usb chip and op275+opa2134. all these chips ensure that the digital-to-analog audio converter works stably when transmitting digital signals to analog signals.

dac with headphones FX AUDIO DAC and Headphone Amplifier DAC-X6MKII 192kHz Bluetooth DAC with Headphone Amp Optical/Coaxial/PC-USB/ Bluetooth to RCA & 6.35MM Headset Digital to Analog Audio Converter (Silver)

5. Audioengine D1 24-Bit DAC, Premium Desktop Digital To Analogue Converter & Headphone Amplifier

  • warranty: audioengine manufactures them high-quality audio equipment supported. all audio engine products have a 3-year transferable warranty. coverage: including first-class customer support based in the united states and 3 years of product coverage. headquartered in austin, texas, audioengine has been changing the way people listen to music since 2005. our passion is to create products that sound great, are easy to use, and make people want to listen to music every day.
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  • suitable for mac, windows and linux computers-plug and play usb. any toslink fiber connection from cd/dvd players, tvs, etc.! active speakers, stereo/av receiver and your favorite headphones.
  • contents included: d1 24-bit dac/headphone amplifier, 2-foot usb cable, setup guide, microfiber bag.
  • d1 is a high-quality 24-bit dac and headphone amplifier for computers and tvs, allowing you to bypass the computer’s sound card or headphone output and send audio via usb or optical fiber
  • with high-performance dac and headphone amplifier, usb and optical input, stream-perfect 24/96 high-definition audio, desktop or portable dac, can be used with mac or pc without installing drivers.

dac with headphones Audioengine D1 24-Bit DAC, Premium Desktop Digital to Analogue Converter & Headphone Amplifier

6. RME ADI-2 DAC FS PCM/DSD 768 Khz Signal Converter With AKG K240 Studio Pro Headphones & XLR Cable Bundle

  • it has all the bells and whistles that make adi-2 pro famous, including its perfect transparent sound characteristics and complete dsp processing, including bass, treble, loudness, 5-band parametric equalizer, cross feed, etc.
  • as the most versatile dac, adi-2 dac provides balanced/unbalanced analog i/os, extremely strong headphone output, ultra-low noise iem output, stable clock fs, 4-level hardware output level control, dsp-based signal processing, external power supply operation, usb conforming to similar standards compatibility, sampling rate up to 768 khz and dsd and direct dsd playback
  • adi-2 dac is a home and high-fidelity optimized version of adi-2 pro , is the highest quality studio advertising/data converter
  • # ## adi-2 dac includes improved stable clock, fine-tuned analog circuit, new mrc remote control, super power headphone output and very special iem output
  • the updated adi-2 dac uses akm’s ak4493 in a special circuit variant developed by rme engineers, so that the chip can exert its best performance . the noise level is 123 dba, the distortion is less than -120 db, or thd+n is -116 db, the device provides excellent measurement values ​​

dac with headphones RME ADI-2 DAC FS PCM/DSD 768 kHz Signal Converter with AKG K240 Studio Pro Headphones & XLR Cable Bundle

7. AIYIMA DAC-A2 Dac Headphone Amplifier With Bass And Treble Controls PC-USB/Optical/COAXIAL Inputs, RCA/3.5Mm 3.5Mm Audio Headphone Output, Hi-Res Audio, Digital-To-Analog Converter, 5V 24Bit 96Khz

  • dc5v hifi2.0 digital audio decoder usb dac headphone amplifier, with pc-usb, optical and coaxial s/pdif input, suitable for most familiesaudio system
  • professional headphone amplifier chipset tpa6120+op275,dc 5v power input interface, rca and 3.5mm headphone output
  • mini usb digital audio amplifier decoder & headphone amplifier can match multi-source equipment such as pc/mac/computer, with bass, treble and volume adjustment
  • rca output can match digital power amplifier analog power amplifier or desktop active speaker; built-in hi-fi headphone amplifier chip can drive most 16-200ohm headphones

dac with headphones AIYIMA DAC-A2 Dac Headphone Amplifier with Bass and Treble Controls PC-USB/Optical/COAXIAL inputs, RCA/3.5mm 3.5mm Audio Headphone Output, Hi-Res Audio, Digital-to-Analog Converter, 5v 24Bit 96KHz

8. FX AUDIO USB DAC Headphone Amplifier-CS8416 Support ASRC Transmission Hifi Portable Decoder Headphone Amp 24-Bit/192 Khz For 3.5Mm Headphone Smartphone/Desktop/Active Speaker(Silvery)

  • ♪【asrc transmission】using usb asrc transmission technology, support smart phone otg direct drive, sampling rate up to 24bit/96khz. dac-x3pro is a cost-effective audio decoder dac converter and headphone amplifier with usb asrc transmission function.
  • ♪ [high-end components] usb dac adopts pcb board, adopts black gold technology and high-end electronic components, such as classic cs8416, usb asrc audio processing ic and dca decoder ic ess9023, headphone amplifier protection circuit, and power electronic filter magnetic ring to reduce switching power supply noise.
  • ♪ [headphone amplifier] the headphone amplifier refers to well-known foreign brands, optimizes the addition of op amp diffusion circuit, maintains the sound quality of the original circuit, increases the driving force, and reserves the gain interface, which greatly improves the playability.
  • ♪【usb power supply】adopt usb power supply adaptive technology, plug in the usb line separately, it can be automatically converted to the whole machine usb power supply​​​ it can also be powered directly from a dc socket to meet your higher needs.
  • ♪ [support smart phone otg driver] support smart phone otg driver, listen to hifi music anytime, anywhere. dac-x3pro is a high-performance decoding headphone amplifier, suitable for mobile phone/desktop/dvd/cd/tv.
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dac with headphones FX AUDIO USB DAC Headphone Amplifier-CS8416 Support ASRC Transmission HiFi Portable Decoder Headphone Amp 24-Bit/192 kHz for 3.5mm Headphone Smartphone/Desktop/Active Speaker(Silvery)

9. FX AUDIO DAC And Headphone Amplifier Mini Hifi Stereo Home Audio DAC Converter ESS9023 CS8416 USB Optical Coaxial Input And RCA Headphone Amp Output DAC-X3 PRO Digital To Analog Converter (Black)

  • [usb asrc transmission & usb power supply] usb adopts asrc technology and supports mobile phones otg direct drive (24bit 96khz). the usb dac audio converter also uses usb power adaptive technology. when the usb line is plugged in, it can automatically switch to usb to supply power to the dac. it can also be powered directly from a dc socket to meet higher requirements. the whole machine uses 5v power supply, and the amp part is ±11v, which can perfectly drive the amp circuit
  • [headphone amplifier output] this dac has an independent headphone amplifier function and can be connected to 3.5mm headphones. the volume knob on the front panel can only control the headphone volume. the headphone amplifier circuit is optimized to increase the operational amplifier extension line to maintain the original clear and natural sound quality, improve the driving force, and reserve the gain interface. playability of diy
  • [no jitter ess9023 chip] dac uses ess9023, so that the stereo dac achieves jitter-free recording-level sound quality, with a dynamic range of 112db and a sampling rate of 192khz/24bit. low distortion. the package includes dac-x3 pro dac audio converter, 5v 1a power adapter, rca cable, usb cable, 12 months warranty
  • [support mobile phone otg driver] small hifi dac uses digital signal receiving chip cs8416+usb asrc chip+ess9023 decoding chip+ne5532 op amp chip. the ne5532 op amp chip can be replaced with ad827 or muse02 with different sound quality. directly support mobile phone otg driver. you can use this dac to enjoy high-fidelity music in your phone. no need to install special software, applications or drivers. plug and play
  • [various inputs and outputs] dac-x3 pro is not only an audio dac, but also a headphone amplifier. the digital-to-analog audio converter has pc-usb, optical and coaxial input, and can be used with many home audio equipment. the headphone amplifier and dac can be connected to mobile phones, tvs, dvd/blu-ray players or cd players. the rca output can be connected to powered speakers or amplifiers. headphone amp output can drive 3.5mm earphones

dac with headphones FX AUDIO DAC and Headphone Amplifier Mini HiFi Stereo Home Audio DAC Converter ESS9023 CS8416 USB Optical Coaxial Input and RCA Headphone Amp Output DAC-X3 PRO Digital to Analog Converter (Black)

10. Ifi Nano Idsd Black Label Portable USB DAC And Headphone Amplifier – Upgrade Smartphones/Digital Audio Players/Tablets/Laptops

  • easy connection-connect directly to your smartphone, digital audio player or tablet kit or android on the go or need otg cable and sold separately) then use 3.5mm jack to connect to your headset. for home use, just connect the supplied usb 3.0 or usb 2.0 cable to your pc or mac, and use the 3.5 mm line output to connect active speakers or amplifiers
  • technical packaging-to enhance the sound, the built-in ipurifier technology rebalances the usb signal to reduce jitter and packet errors, and the built-in iematch means it can drive high-sensitivity headphones. s balance technology means that the headphone channel separation remains unchanged, and the direct drive amplifier will drive high-impedance headphones up to about 600 ohms
  • high-resolution audio-play all high-resolution audio formats, including dsd 256, dxd 384, pcm 384 khz and mqa and native digital-to-analog conversion, so you can listen to any file as expected from the original recording
  • # ## portable design-this is a small tool with a stylish black matte finish. the durable but lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum housing is unparalleled in electromagnetic interference (emi) and radio frequency interference (rfi) handling. a rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of uninterrupted music enjoyment, and at the same time from spotify tidal or amazon music
  • powerful amplifier-use powerful dual single the 285-milliwatt-channel headphones drive your headphones to an amplifier that has a maximum performance of 6 times better than the iphone. the advanced engineering allows balanced wiring, making it very suitable for single-ended and balanced headphones

dac with headphones iFi Nano iDSD Black Label Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier - Upgrade Smartphones/Digital Audio Players/Tablets/Laptops

11. ONKYO Portable Headphone Amplifier DAC Equipped With Black DAC-HA200(B) [Japan Impot]

  • ios products can be compatible with hf playersthe app can play up to 96khz/24bit together
  • it can play digital remnants through usb music files in the android terminal
  • to op-amplifier, the sound reproduction stereoscopically uses the new japanese broadcast function muses8920 clear
  • the maximum reproducible 96khz/24bit high resolution from pc
  • the hd player pack of the hf player app is free to use dac-ha200 to connect

dac with headphones ONKYO Portable Headphone Amplifier DAC Equipped with Black DAC-HA200(B) [Japan Impot]

12. ESS9018 USB DAC Opt/Coax Digital To Analog Converter Headphone Amp 24Bit/192Khz

  • appropriate size, exquisite appearance, input switch and usb/opt/coax input indicator design, clearly showing the working status.the aluminum shell has a cool and fashionable appearance, which is very suitable for home/office desktop audio systems.
  • usb input, plug and play, no special software is needed, and it also supports mobile phones with otg function, very easy to use.upgrade the fiber base, optimize the circuit board design, and redefine the sound quality and sound quality.
  • reasonable circuit layout and concise wiring, clear and natural sound, high-quality chip architecture, better sound quality:
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  • q5 is a multifunctional dac & headphone amplifier with pc-usb/optical/coaxial input, compatible with mobile phones, computers, tvs, cd players, tv set-top boxes and other audio equipment; and stereo l/r rca / 6.35mm &3.5mm headphone jack output, which can be enjoyed in different wayshifi music.

dac with headphones ESS9018 USB DAC Opt/Coax Digital to Analog Converter Headphone Amp 24Bit/192kHz