Breast pump schedule for working moms 2020

Breast pump schedule for working moms

For new moms, there are too many adjustments, but adjustments from new moms to working moms are strange, usually too fast. Then, preparing to return to work requires more effort for breastfeeding moms. Then, we have been working hard: pumping at work. The only way to maintain progress is to make a schedule, so let me share the work done to create the ideal work schedule.

Breastfeeding is recommended within the first 6 months of life, so many women achieve this goal on the basis of regular struggles (lack of sleep, recovery from major medical events, etc.).

Then, you will take short maternity leave in desperation, and we need a solution to keep the baby feeding at work. My colleague has never suffered because of my motherhood.

I breastfeed my daughter PAST when I was working full-time. My final goal was one year. I owe it to the perfect pumping schedule.

Whether you are a hairstylist, a police officer, a caregiver, or anyone who has an uncertain work schedule, tips for moms who have worked before should be flexible.


Ideally, you should pump milk every three hours to ensure that breastfeeding is maintained on impossible days, even within 10 minutes, you can pump milk anytime, anywhere.

Communicate with your colleagues and managers about pumping issues during the workday. Sometimes the manager will arrange your schedule, and it will be very useful to let colleagues take a quick break for you.

However, if you don’t have enough luck to get a good support system, it is still important to keep your communication open to achieve breastfeeding goals.

Why do I even need to pump at work?

If you want to breastfeed two or more times away from your baby, pumping is essential for every breastfeeding mother (not just working moms).

You need to pump to keep your body secreting breast milk. Skipping two or more regular feedings will make your body out of sync with the baby’s needs and stop making baby food.

You know, only nature is doing its own thing.

If you pump when you are not at work, and breastfeed your baby before and after work, your body will only produce milk before and after work.

Therefore, when you go home on the weekend, you will not be able to feed your baby all day. Maybe you are very interested in it, but it means you need to replenish formula milk or donated breast milk.

Before and after work, please buy a car adapter and refuel the car immediately (do not drive!). If you are conscious of people who may meet you, please bring cover.

Tips for teachers

Before school, pump for lunch and/or days off and after school. And, if you have time to prepare, you can also pump.

Bring a mini-refrigerator to your classroom so that you can store breast milk in the crowded refrigerator in the teachers’ lounge, away from the crowded refrigerator.

Contact your administrator to find out how they can help you. You may even find that the administrator is willing to help your classroom or provide you with 15 minutes of office time.

If you can, please rely on your colleagues. Most schools are full of moms who understand your experience and are often happy to provide classrooms when you are free.

Use the “Pumping in Progress” logo to be creative and make your classroom your pumping space. Some teachers’ moms mentioned that a picture of a cow was hanging on the locked door, indicating to colleagues that they were pumping and staying outside, while also leaving curious students in the dark.

Tips for nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals

Arrive at the worksite early and pump in the parking lot before driving in. This is especially useful in situations where your shift is often unpredictable, such as sudden lunch breaks during the day.

Use empty wards for pump interruptions to take advantage of them.

Use the time you sit down to draw the chart to pump. It helps to use a hands-free pumping bra.

Talk to colleagues who have successfully participated in the work and see if they are willing to reach your patients within 30 minutes. Usually, moms who have been there before are happy to help a fellow mother.

You can definitely find the ideal pumping schedule and make it work properly. This will require more effort, but we are already obsessed with the habit of babies.

Hope all your questions can be answered. I didn’t realize it until I had to delve into the whole concept of pumping, so if I could at least help a poor postpartum working mother, then I would feel successful!