why is newborn not pooping but passing gas ?

why is newborn not pooping but passing gas

It can be quite confusing, disorienting and frustrating for any parent whose newborn is only passing gas and not pooping for days. A baby’s first year comprises of critical changes alongside their growth, body’s reaction to different foods, environment and movements.

When to stop using baby jumper?

When to stop using baby jumper

As a parent, it is essential to know this limit as well. Adhering to this limit will ensure that the baby jumper is entirely safe for your baby. We will answer this question today and help you understand how your baby can gain maximum benefits from the baby jumper.

How to Buy a Countertop Microwave for Elderly With Dementia

It’s easy to take for granted the simplicity of using modern devices like phones and microwaves. By the time millennials are in their 60’s and 70’s, they’d probably have developed muscle memory for today’s gadgets. Not the case for baby boomers. Today, the elderly have a relatively harder time using technology, and this gets harder once dementia is introduced.

Dementia can drastically affect the quality of a person’s life, even if they’re within the confines of their homes. Basic functions and recognition become a safety hazard that can be very frustrating for loved ones. A photo of a dementia patient stuffing their shoe into a high tech microwave trended recently, and is not too far from the truth about what you should expect.

To help loved ones with dementia to maintain a modicum of independence, your job is to make the home as safe as possible. One of such ways is to get a microwave for elderly with dementia – that won’t even allow shoes to heat up. The idea is for your loved one to be able to heat or cook meals by his/herself. The key is simplicity and safety, not over the top and expensive.

Microwave Ovens – A Breakthrough in Technology For the Seniors

Microwave Ovens – A Breakthrough in Technology For the Seniors

The advancement of technology has been taking place since the dawn of human history. From the invention of basic items like spears and knives made out of rocks to aid the capturing and killing of animals for food to huge inventions like the printing press and computer, we have come a long way.

The advancement of technology has been exceptionally fast in the 20th and 21st century. With electronic technology and machines being produced and improved all the time, it has surely made human life easier.

Most of us do not truly realize how far technology has come and what difference it makes to our lives. It was almost uncommon to own a television in your house nearly a century ago and now it is the most common pieces of technology we have. It is no longer surprising to know that someone owns a colored television but rather it is shocking to find out that someone down the street does not own a television. Technology has indeed become a part of our culture.

Best 50 Cool Quick and Easy Kids Hairstyles

Best 50 Cool Quick and Easy Kids Hairstyles

Your little one’s hair is a beautiful crown, or at least until it is not a bedhead-ridden, knotted or messy disaster. As a parent, you have to ensure that your child’s hair is always looking clean and neat at all times. But with so much fuzzy hair and little time to get ready before the school bus arrives, a quick comb and a colorful ribbon are all you need to get things going.

How to dry baby clothes without shrinking?

How to dry baby clothes without shrinking

Baby clothes come in different fibers, which can also react in different ways during drying. Some of them require that you dry them just once, instead of doing so multiple times. Otherwise, they can shrink badly. Most manufacturers attach clear instructions on how to wash and dry various kinds of baby clothes. Other than that, some other techniques on how to dry baby clothes without shrinking are as follows:

How To Dress A Newborn In Summer Heat?

How To Dress A Newborn In Summer Heat

New parents often find it hard to keep the baby comfortable, especially with the dressing. In most cases, parents end up overdressing the babies in fear that they would be too cold otherwise. However, overdressing the baby does not help to keep them comfortable, especially when the weather is generally hot. When you feel like the weather is too hot, it is possible that the baby feels the same way. Therefore as you remove the extra layers of clothing you have on, ensure that you remove those on the baby too. An average temperature of 36C or 37C is good enough for the baby. Above or below this temperature will either cause the baby to develop a cold or it will make the baby uncomfortable. Here are the tips for baby care in summer.

How to Change a Baby Boy’s Poopy Diaper?

How to Change a Baby Boy’s Poopy Diaper

A newborn baby boy brings happiness to a family. But ensuring proper care of the child involves lots of hard work. It has been found by the researchers that newborn babies on an average use ten diapers every day. When you are new mom, changing the diapers of your baby boy is a necessity. At first, many moms are looking at this as a chore that needs to be done. However, it should be treated as an exceptional time between the parent and the child. It is an intimate time shared between the two. The baby feels the love, care and support of the mother, and in return, the mom knows that she is needed and loved as well. Here is how to change a baby boy’s poopy diaper.

How Often Should You Change Newborn Diaper At Night?

How Often Should You Change Newborn Diaper At Night

Parenting is a rewarding experience, but at the same time, it can be daunting. As a first time parent, it is only natural to have a lot of doubts, misgivings, and questions. One such question is how often should you change a newborn diaper at night.

Why does baby keep pulling away while breastfeeding?

Why does baby keep pulling away while breastfeeding?

Some babies do not sit still during breastfeeding. They either cry, fuss or simply pull away from their mother. It is actually common enough to see such type of behavior, particularly during the first 2-3 months of birth. Mothers usually worry about that situation and they may even think that something is terribly wrong. However, there are actually many reasons that justify why a baby keeps pulling away while breastfeeding.

How Do I Avoid Sharp Pain In Breast After Breastfeeding?

How Do I Avoid Sharp Pain In Breast After Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a fantastic experience for a new mum. It feels great to know that your body is providing all the needed nutrient for your baby’s growth. It also provides a perfect bonding experience between you and your body. Unfortunately, like all beautiful experience, it might be not be all smooth. You may find yourself getting anxious at meal times because you experience sharp pain in the breast after breastfeeding. What could cause this and how do you avoid it?

Is shhh white noise harmful for babies?

Is shhh white noise harmful for babies

When a mother and father behold the wonder of a new life, they can easily become overwhelmed by the tasks of parenting. There is so much to learn and being human, they will make mistakes along the way. But life is not always predictable. Perhaps he cries for food but a few minutes into his feeding, he stops and refuses to nurse or take his bottle. Maybe he arches his back in pain but rejects the comforting efforts of his parents. Or scarier; you find him spitting up what looks like his entire meal—at every meal in addition to him routinely waking out of a sound sleep, crying in discomfort. What will a parent do? This is when white noise comes into play.

What is the difference between Similac sensitive and Pro sensitive?

Similac sensitive vs Pro sensitive

What is the difference between Similac sensitive and Pro sensitive?

Infants formulas are an excellent alternative to breastfeeding for babies. With this, not just that babies get the important nutrients, but also it is easy to feed them the formula. Well, there are so many companies with so many options. Choosing the right one which can be effective yet gentle on your baby, so they can grow healthy and strong..

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