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Best Breast Milk Storage Bags 2022

If you are a nursing mom or plan to breastfeed your baby after you arrive, then you may have realized that you need some accessories to feed your baby. If you plan to breastfeed, you may also plan to pump at some point, which requires more than a breast pump. You also need a place to store the expressed milk, where the breast milk storage bag comes in handy.

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What is a breast milk storage bag?

Breast milk storage bags help free up space in the bottle and allow you to store breast milk somewhere (fridge or freezer) for later use. They are different from the storage bags you use for food (for example, you cannot use plastic sandwich bags instead). Breast milk storage bags are thicker, BPA-free, and approved by the FDA for storage and protection of breast milk during transportation, thawing, and freezing.

Also help? “Most breast milk storage bags have ounce or milliliter marks on the side to track the amount of milk you store and feed, which is especially useful when you go back to work,” said Helen Anderson, a breastfeeding educator and Milkies founder. Save milk.

How to store breast milk

In terms of cost and space, breast milk storage bags are the most economical way to store breast milk. Breast milk bags are made of sturdy, food-grade, BPA-free plastic and are designed to ensure that your milk is safe, organized, and hygienic, no matter where it is stored. (According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), freshly expressed breast milk can be kept on the counter for four hours, in the refrigerator for four days, and in the refrigerator for up to 12 months.) High-quality storage bags can also prevent leakage Or rupture when lying down for storage, you can pour out yourself, and provide enough space for measurement and labeling.

Don’t want to use plastic bags or disposable bottle liners? do not. Not only does the CDC not recommend this, but neither is designed to contain breast milk, which means that there is a high chance of spillage, leakage, or contamination.

Have you got the guidelines? It’s time to choose the breast milk storage bag that suits you best.

Here are our best milk storage bags 2022:

1.Lansinoh breast milk storage bag

  • Lansinoh breast milk storage bag

These are some of the larger bags on the market, and have a patented double zipper closure, which means that your breast milk should not end up on the shelf of the refrigerator, and do not store any doubtful vegetables.

It saves you from having to clean the refrigerator and pump extra milk to make up for the loss. Lansinoh bags have pourable mouths, which can help fill breast milk into bottles without falling.

These bags are designed to be placed flat in the refrigerator or freezer to save space and store multiple bags at the same time. If you have a Lansinoh pump, you can connect it directly to the bag, or if you use another brand, you can purchase one of the adapters. BPA and BPS are also provided free of charge.

2. Kiinde Twist sachet breast milk storage bag

  • By: Kiinde Twist sachet breast milk storage bag

Kiinde Twist Pouch breast milk storage bag for pumping, freezing and feeding Check price
If you are the kind of mom who values ​​convenience the most, then these beautiful bags may be for you. These pouches are located midway between the bag and the bottle, with a screw cap that can be screwed onto most breast pumps and the brand’s own bottle changer. They are free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.

This means you can pump it directly into the bag for storage, and then connect the bag to the adapter and various pacifiers to feed the baby. No need to dump, dump or weigh-everything from “chest to baby” is in one bag!

Although convenient, another benefit of this system is that it reduces the chance of bacteria entering milk and causing trouble. In addition, you will reduce the work of washing bottles, which is always a victory.

3.Best overall: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 count

  • By: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 count

For a full range of solid breast milk storage bags, Lansinoh’s mom will swear. The 6-ounce bag is sterilized and ready for use, and the double zipper prevents messy leaks. They can be placed flat in the refrigerator or freezer for easy storage, and have a pour spout to easily transfer breast milk into the bottle.

For added convenience, you can pump it directly into these bags, so there is no need to wash other bottles. If you use a Lansinoh pump, then everything is ready. If you use other brands of products, you can still pump them directly into the bag, just use the adapter (sold separately).

Although a few women reported problems with bags leaking, most people praised the ease of use, durability and price of these bags.

Runner-up, Best Overall Award: Dr. Brown’s breast milk storage bag

Dr. Brown’s breast milk storage bags are thick and durable, simple and clear to use. They can hold 6 ounces of milk and can be placed independently, so they are easy to fill.

Women claim that these extra-thick, BPA-free bags are sturdy, and countless satisfied customers say the double zipper closure means they will never leak. They also like the fact that they lie flat in the refrigerator, which means you can store more items in a smaller area. You can’t pump it directly into these bags, but their high quality makes it worth many people to take extra steps.

4.Best budget: Medela breast milk storage bag

  • By: Medela breast milk storage bag

The price of these breast milk storage bags produced by Medela is less than 13 cents per bag, and has received the highest evaluation in all aspects. Stand-up pouches have many of the same functions as more expensive pouches, such as double zipper closures and flat profiles for freezing and defrosting, but the price is difficult to match. Bonus: They also carry a transport bag to keep unused bags clean.

These bags are not designed to be drawn in directly, but for ease of storage, ladies say they are great. They say the material is very strong and they are confident to store these precious breast milk in these bags. Although the bag is marked with a 6-ounce label, many women report that they actually get far more than the 6-ounce bag.

5.Best breast milk storage bag-Philips AVENT breast milk storage bag

  • By: 5.Best breast milk storage bag-Philips AVENT breast milk storage bag

Just like a baby bottle, Philips Avent uses these breast milk storage bags to provide functionality and design. They provide all the features you need at a particularly affordable price, including double zipper opening and closing, pre-sterilization, double-layer design (increased thickness) and large openings, so you can easily pour milk in and out (they can even Stand independently so that you can pour water in both hands!). They are BPA-free and have a clear anti-counterfeit seal.

Bottom line

Lansinoh regards this award as the best breast milk storage bag as our first choice. Despite our best efforts as moms and breast milk protectors, spillage is still a fact in life. They occasionally happen with any brand. But the pourable nozzle and double zipper seal make these bags rarely leak.

Lansinoh bags are the best general-purpose storage bags-they work well in refrigerators and refrigerators and melt easily-and they don’t have that terrible plastic smell or smell. They contain more milk than other competitors, which is very beneficial to increase the baby’s appetite.

What do you think of our breast milk bag reviews? If you have some very valuable nursing wisdom, please comment below, or share this article with moms who need it!