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faq beach bed

Faqs beach umbrella

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Do you need more information about beach umbrellas?

If yes, answers to the FAQs below will certainly help you know more about them. Once you go through these FAQs, choosing the right beach umbrella will be easier with this information. Ponfish has one post talking about how to buy one beach umbrella, you can check it

Which material should the frame of the beach umbrella be made from?

The frame of the beach umbrella is the part that determines its sturdiness. You can go with a beach umbrella with the frame made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and so on. If you're looking for the lightest umbrella option available, you should go with the one which is made from fiberglass. You should go with aluminum if you need the right confluence of strength and lightweight design. The other materials are sturdy as well, but they are not the lightest of all.

How do I keep my beach umbrella from flying away?

The beach umbrella flying away is a common problem that many people face. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid it. These include:

1. If the beach umbrella which you are buying has flaps for ventilation, you have to open them. It ensures that the umbrella does not act as an obstacle to the wind.

2. You have to try and set up your umbrella on flat terrain but around the dune. The position should be such that it breaks the wind flow. As a result, the speed of the wind would not be high enough to blow away your umbrella.

3. Another option to stabilize the beach umbrella is to choose a flat terrain near the water. You should find a spot where the sand is dry on top, but underneath the dry layer, the sand is moist. You have to make sure that you dig the pole deeper so that you move it through both these layers.

Using any of these three tips will ensure that your beach umbrella is stable and does not fly away.

Do you need an anchor for a beach umbrella?

Yes, the sand anchor will serve you well while using a beach umbrella. If you want to put the beach umbrella into the sand and stabilize it, the sand anchor is the perfect option for you. It will reduce your effort while installing the beach umbrella. At the same time, it will provide you with much higher stability.

Can you bring a beach umbrella on a plane?

Yes, you can bring the beach umbrella on a plane. However, you cannot do so in the carry-on baggage due to the beach umbrella's size. You can put it into the checked-in baggage after folding it up into a compact size. If you do so, you can bring one on a plane.

Can you bring a beach umbrella on a cruise?

Yes, you can bring a beach umbrella on a cruise with you. The beach umbrella can help you keep the sun at bay whenever required.

What is the difference between a beach umbrella and a patio umbrella?

The primary difference between the beach umbrella and patio umbrella is that the beach umbrellas do not require the base. Beach umbrellas are pointed at the bottom, whereas patio umbrellas have a flat bottom pole. There are many other such differences between a beach umbrella and a patio umbrella.

So, now that you have all the necessary information that you need regarding beach umbrellas through our FAQs beach umbrella list above, you can make that buying decision. You can be sure that you are making an informed decision rather than just a hasty one.

microwaves for elderly with dementia

Recommended microwaves for elderly with dementia

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Taking care of our elderly with dementia entails choosing the best kitchen equipment for them. Microwaves are one such equipment to ensure that your elderly can warm and cook simple foods without help. Here are some of the best microwaves for the elderly with dementia. You should do more research through the internet before you make the final decision to buy one, and read more information about microwaves fro dementia seniors. We recommend one article on how to buy the microwaves for seniors with dementia patients.

i. hOmeLabs microwave

If you are on a budget, this microwave is ideal for your elderly. The hOmeLabs microwave is small in size but with a large display. It also operates at a power of 1050 watts to avoid any fire hazards in a home.

The microwave comes with preset cook buttons making it easier for the elderly to cook certain foods. There are also numbers below the buttons to set the cooking time. HomeLabs is a pull microwave.


• Ideal size for elderly

• Large display

• Preset buttons


• Lacks auto-shutoff feature

ii. Amana-RMS10DSA

The feature that makes this microwave ideal for elderly is the simplicity. The microwave only has one button, which is the timer. Many buttons lead to confusion which frustrates the elderly with dementia. Pull instead of a button, opens the door of the microwave.

The microwaves have a power supply of 1000 watts which is not too hot for dementia elderly. The notification sound is also very loud.


• Straightforward design

• Small to medium size

• Loud ding


• No auto shutoff sensor

• Limited control options

iii. Sharp 15-0429 stainless steel microwave

A programmable microwave is an asset for the elderly with severe dementia. This microwave can be programmed for use with certain foods. For instance, you can program the reheat button to run for one minute at full power every time. There is no limit to the number of programs you can create.

The microwave also features a large display and large print for the different programs. The size is designed to hold a full plate but not too big. It’s easy to open with a pull handle. Finally, it has a loud notification to alert the elderly when the food is ready.


• Programmable controls

• Large display

• Easy to open


• Very expensive

How to choose a microwave for elderly with dementia?

• Microwave size- microwaves come in small, medium, and family sizes. Your elderly are likely to be living alone in most cases. A small microwave will be ideal for them to save on counter space. The microwave should also use fewer watts to avoid fire hazards among your elderly living with dementia.

• Control buttons- microwaves come with varying control knobs, but buttons and knobs are the most popular. A touchscreen control would not be ideal for dementia elderly as they have to concentrate on figuring out how to use them. Intimidating controls may also discourage them from usi9ng the device. If the condition is severe, microwaves with printed buttons are ideal. For instance, a control button with a fish for the times they want to cook fish.

• Loud notification- elderly living with dementia are likely to forget that they had tossed something in the microwave. The microwave should, therefore, come with a very loud ding to notify them when the food is ready to reduce the chances of forgetting.

• Auto-shutoff feature- even with loud notifications, there is no guarantee that dementia elderly will remember to take out the food from the oven. A small microwave with a shutoff feature will be perfect for them. When the timer goes off, the microwave will automatically go off to regulate temperatures and avoid burning.

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How to Spot Fake Jordans ?

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Fake Jordan sites have sprung up all over the web in recent years. While their products are “knock offs”, their techniques have come a long way. A number of manufacturers are able to create sneakers that look almost identical to the real version. Keyword there is almost. There’s a ton of ways to find out if your Jordan 11s are real or fake – we’ve compiled them all into this post.
NOTE: The easiest way to tell is buy them direct from a Jordan / Nike retailer, not China. 

1. Check the quality of the box

Jordan’s are a beautifully packaged sneaker. There’s a number of things you can check before even looking at the sneakers:
  • Nike packages their shoes in a sturdy box with the logo on the lid and on the side of the box.
  • Examine the box closely for errors in brand logo, spelling, and the alignment and finish quality of the box itself.
  • Authentic Nike shoeboxes have a tightly-fitting lid, with no gaps.
  • The color on the box will be uniform and not appear to fade or be lighter or darker on one side or on the lid.
  • The texture of the box will also be uniform.
Image: Nike Talk

2. Check the manufacturing sticker (outside box)

On a deeper note, you can even dig a lot of information by looking at the sticker on the outside of the box:
  • Nike shoe boxes are made with a label affixed to one side of the box which lists details about the style name of the shoe, the shoe size, the color combination, and country in which the manufacturing took place.
  • There will also be a style number on the label which is nine digits long.
  • Pay specific attention to spelling, uniform size text, and even spacing on the box label.
Jordan 11 Box: Real vs Fake
Image: Sneakerfiles

3. Look at the tag inside the sneaker

Located inside the shoe is a label containing the same information that is printed on the box label. It will include the year and country of manufacture, the style and name of the shoe.
  • The nine digit style number should match the style number found on the outside of the shoe box.
  • Check for details on the shoe label such as spelling errors and stitching that is neat and straight.
  • Another detail often missed is the formation of the letter “Q”.
  • The Tail of the Q in the word “fabrique” should start inside the circle.
It’s amazing how knock offs can miss obvious details, like spelling!
Image: Dont Question Kings

4. Cross check the sneaker’s production date

Sometimes, a simple Google search as to when that version of the sneaker was created can help:
  • The production date printed on the shoe label should match the original production run.
  • In replica shoes, the production date is later than the original run.
Check Release Date Sneaker

5. Look how the label is attached

How the box’s label is attached can also be an indicator:
  • The label itself should be attached to the shoe so that it is flat, with no bumps or wrinkles in the fabric.
  • In replica shoes, the label may be misshapen, wrinkled, bumpy, appear to have been carelessly placed, and be difficult to read.
Sneaker Box Label

6. Check the Jumpman inside the tongue

The iconic Michael Jordan “Jumpman” logo is an easy test as well:
  • Authentic Nike Air Jordan 11s will have a band of fabric across the top of the tongue of the shoe with the Jumpman Jordan centered and neatly embroidered.
  • The color of the jump man should match the color styling and color combination of the shoe itself.
Jordan 11 Inner Tag Fake
Image: Sneaker Files

7. The label underneath the tongue

Lift up the tongue of the shoe and check the label on the underside:
  • It will have a tag that includes the words, “greatest player ever”.
  • The words will be embroidered in white, be of high quality, and be clear, distinct, and easy to read.

8. The printed Jumpman logo

The 11s will also have a printed logo of the jump man on the insole.
  • The proportions of the jump man should be natural and not compromised in any way.
  • The details of the hands, feet, and ball should all be clear, distinct, and readily observable.
  • The edges of the Jumpman on the insole should be sharp and crisp so the logo does not appear smeared or blurred.

9. Check the small details of the laces

  • Look closely at the details of the shoelaces, shoelace tabs, and tongue.
  • Look for even spacing between the shoelace tabs and the location of the labels on the tongue.

10. The logo tag’s location

The location of the logo tag is another indicator of authentic Air Jordan 11.
  • In the Air Jordans, the logo on the top of the tongue should be specifically placed in the third lace space, fitting neatly between the laces, and easy to see when looking down on the shoes.
  • In the replica shoes, the logo may be found in the second or fourth lace space and might not fit precisely between the laces.
  • In replica shoes, the tongue logo’s placement may even have slight variations between the right and left shoe.

11. The shoelace tabs should be the same size

  • A closer examination of the shoelace tabs should reveal that they are all the same size, shape, and distance apart.
  • They should all be attached with the same degree of tension. In a replica pair of shoes, one or more of the shoelace tabs may be looser than the others.
  • They may be slightly differently sized, but they should not all be parallel.
Image: YouTube

12. Is it a colorway you’ve never seen?

Another clue that the Nike Air Jordan 11s are not be authentic may be a unique color combination:
  • Google the color of the sneaker – are there images of it on reputable sites?
  • They could be a custom sneaker – make sure to Google the exact colorway and sneaker artist (if you know who made them).
Jordan replicas tend to have outrageous colorways – this is by far the easiest giveaway.
Image: Sole Collector

13. The patent leather around the toe

Take a look at the patent leather detail around the shoe:
  • In replica shoes, the patent leather comes up higher or much lower on the shoe’s upper than does its placement on authentic shoes.
  • In some cases, this patent leather contrast may appear to have been glued, and glue residue may be visible at the edge of the patent leather.
  • The OG patent leather should have two even rows of stitching – these should be smooth and even.
Image: Sneakerfiles

14. The patent leather arch

The patent leather arch around the back of the heel is shaped much differently:
  • On the authentic model, this patent leather detail has a high, smooth curve.
  • Whereas on replica shoes, the curve is lower and flatter.
  • This is the spot just before the heel seam where the shape of the patent leather has two arches on either side of the heel seam.
Image: Sneakerfiles

15. The height of the heel

  • The cutout in the patent leather on the center back of the heels of the replica shoes tends to be noticeably higher than on the authentic model.
  • This is the part where the patent leather dips down into a curved V-shape right on the center of the back heel seam.
Image: Nike

16. The quality of the patent leather

  • The patent leather around the toe box should be smooth and will match the contour of the shoe with no gaps or ridges.
  • In replica shoes, there may be bumps and uneven surfaces to the patent leather around the toe box area.

17. Check the back heel tab

Check the heel tabs located on the back of the sneaker:
  • The heel tab should contain the number 23.
  • Before looking at the specifics of the number, observe the shape of the heel tab itself.
  • On an authentic model, the heels tabs are smooth and match the curvature of the shoe. On replica shoes, the heel tabs sticks out, further away from the shoe, and does not follow its natural contour.
Fake Vs Real Jordan 11 Heels
Image: Fake vs Real Jordans Blogspot

18. Check the “23” on the heel tab

Notice the stylized player number 23 in white on the black heel tab discussed above.
  • The number should be clear and distinct, printed in white, with even lines, unbroken, and with the same degree of thickness.
  • There is a clear separation between the lines and between the two numbers.
  • If they appear to be touching or if they just look like lines and the 23 is difficult to make out they are definitely replica shoes.
jordan-11-real-fake-jumpman -logo

19. The stitch quality on the back heel tab

The back heel tab is attached to the body of the shoe by a fine line of stitching.
  • On real Nike Air Jordan 11s the stitching between the 23 heel tab patch and the leather may not even be visible.
  • In replica shoes the stitching is readily observable and uneven.

20. The quality of the heel logo

The Jumpman logo should be high quality and clean stiching:
  • In the replica shoes, the Jumpman may not have a full body, could appear with missing fingers, or the body may be out of proportion or appear deformed.
  • Additionally, on replica shoes, the Jumpman logo appears as if was a pressed-on applique, rather than embedded in the leather for a smooth finish.
  • The position of the Jumpman logo is another critical factor in identifying authentic shoes.
  • The logo should be located precisely with the basketball resting at the point where if a line was drawn from between the space from the two and the three, it would intersect with the basketball.
Image: Sneakernews

21. The contour of the toe box

The Nike Air Jordan 11s have an evenly shaped toe box with a distinctive contour:
  • The rubber outsole is transparent so that the color of the leather upper can be seen through it.
  • The color separation line around the toe box should be smooth and even as it’s observed through the transparent outsole.
Image: Nike

22. The “v-shape” in the heel

The curvature of the sole around the back of the heel is unique and forms a distinct V-shape.
  • In authentic Nike Air Jordan 11 the white part of the sole where it meets with the colored midsole is pointed to form the distinct V-shape.
  • In replica shoes, this point is more rounded.

23. Check the carbon fiber sole

Notice the details about the carbon fiber outsole.
  • In authentic Air Jordan 11s, this carbon fiber is strong and durable.
  • If it’s possible to press on the carbon fiber and make a slight dent, chances are the shoes are replicas.
  • In addition, in replica shoes, the carbon fiber is painted on and will rub off easily when rubbed on the floor.
Image: Sneakerfiles

24. The pattern on the sole of the shoe

  • Authentic Nike Air Jordan 11s have a specific sole pattern which will be identical on all models.
  • The rubber is transparent and the Jumpman logo can be readily observed underneath the top layer of the rubber sole.

25. The stitching should be high quality and consistent

All stitching on the shoe, inside and out, should be neat and even.
  • Stitches should be of the same size with even spaces between.
  • The stitching should be tight, with no loose threads.
  • In replica shoes, the stitching is often loose, uneven, and of varying sizes.
  • Where there are two rows of stitches, they should always be parallel, never getting too close together or too far apart.
  • The stitches should never appear as if they are crushed together, or too long and far apart.
Image: Sneakerfiles

Did I miss anything?

To be one hundred percent positive about the authenticity of the shoes when purchasing Nike Air Jordan 11s, the safest bet is to buy directly from the manufacturer. Did I miss anything? Leave some additional ways in the comments.

Air Jordans Counterfeit vs. Real 

You can find fake Nike shoes in stores all around the world. A counterfeiting ring smuggled thousands of counterfeit Nike Air Jordan sneakers into New York and New Jersey!  Five people are each expected to receive 20 years in prison for trafficking copy Air Jordans. Today we have two pairs of the Air Jordan 1 and we will have a good look at the small details that tell the big story of counterfeit Nikes. We will study the real Air Jordan shoe purchased directly from Nike and the counterfeit shoe imported from South China. You will learn how to tell if a Nike shoe is real or fake.

The price is right?

When shopping for real Nike shoes you should expect to pay real Nike prices. If you find a rare Air Jordan or a unique color at a price that is too good to be true… then it IS too good to be true. Low prices and beat up boxes are your first clue that you have a fake, counterfeit, or illegally smuggled-in B-grade Nike shoe. Make any mail-order or E-Bay purchases with trusted retailers. Remember, slightly used does not mean the shoes were real Nikes to start with.
  • Look for the alignment guides, the red shoe is the fake Nike.

Air Jordon wings logo:

Studying the real Air Jordan and the fake Air Jordan side-by-side, you can see the factory making copies did a nice job on the logo. The artwork on the fake shoe is correct but the real Jordan 1 logo is embossed a little deeper into the leather. In this case, it’s hard to tell the difference until you look at the pattern of the cut parts. The real Nike does not have any stitching guides to help the stitchers locate the panels during assembly. The red logo panel of the fake Nike is loaded with these little assembly guides.
Fake Nike Back Tab
Two stitch lines on the grey Nike, that’s the real deal!

The Jordan 1 heel strap stitching:

The Air Jordan 1 has a tiny heel tab that covers the back seams of the quarter panel and the Swoosh.  You can see the back tab on the real (grey) Nike has two stitch lines as the quarter top lines cross over. Also, the black thread contrasts with the grey leather. On the fake Jordan 1, a single stitch line crosses the tab and they used black thread on black leather. The stitching on the fake matches the leather instead of contrasting with the leather. You can also see the centering guides on the red leather parts of the fake Jordan 1. The original Jordan does not show any assembly guides.
Sole on Fake NIke shoe
Look at the “K”, if it is not touching it is not real.

The Jordan 1 outsole logo:

If you look closely at the Nike logo on the outsole you can see the fake artwork is wrong. The width of the letters is too narrow. Another obvious mistake is that the “K” of the fake Nike logo is not touching the tail of the Swoosh. Additionally, when you look closely at the tread patterns you can see the fake (red) tread has glossy spaces between the tread features where the grey does not.
Counterfeit nike shoes
Yes, two trademark logos is correct!

The Jordan 1 tongue logo:

Next, get a good look at the woven label attached to the tongue top. The fake Jordan is missing the registered trademark circle “R”.  I know it’s strange, but Nike likes to have the circle “R” twice on the woven label. On the back side of the woven logo label (below), you will see the trademark information in English and French. The fake has the wrong lettering style and the tag is stitched on crooked.

The Jumpman size tag

Counterfeit nike shoe
The black tag is the real Nike woven label.
Inside the shoe, you will see the size label with the Jordan Jumpman logo (above). The fake shoe has the tag welded to the back of the tongue. On the real Jordan 1, the tag is sewn down on the inside.
Counterfeit nike shoes
The cut lace keeper on the left is legit.

The Jordan 1 tongue lace keeper:

The lace keeper is a small point but a dead giveaway when looking for fakes. The real Nike shoe has simple cuts in the tongue fabric to act as the lace keeper. This construction looks pretty low rent for a $120 basketball shoe but this is how the original was made. The counterfeit Nike has a small piece of fabric added as the lace keeper.
Kanye West wearing Yeezy Boost sneakers at Heathrow Airport in London on April 10, 2016

How to spot fake yeezys

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Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy shoes are the hottest sneakers on the market right now. Considering anything the Jenner/ Kardashian/ West clan touches practically sells out in minutes flat, it’s no wonder that these sneakers are incredibly popular.

The Yeezy sneakers belong to a new line of modern shoes that combine both comfort and style so perfectly. They are capable of instantly upgrading casual outfits and have become the statement trainers for a generation.

To buy authentic Adidas Yeezys, stick to authorized online retailers such as Adidas, Amazon, and Farfetch. These stores carry the latest Yeezy designs but act quickly because these popular shoes — especially new releases — fly off the shelves pretty fast.

Kanye West wearing Yeezy Boost sneakers at Heathrow Airport in London on April 10, 2016

Kanye West wearing Yeezy Boost sneakers at Heathrow Airport in London on April 10, 2016

Kanye West wearing Yeezy Boost 350s with a white stripe

Kanye West wearing Yeezy Boost 350s with a white stripe

Best Women's Barely-There Naked Sandals

 Stunning Women's Sandals From Gianvito Rossi, Aquazzura, and Rene CaovillaPlay Video

As documented by The Los Angeles Times, Adidas Yeezy sneakers are some of the most counterfeited shoe designs in the world because of their huge market and limited production. Each pair of Yeezys has been produced in a run of just 40,000 pairs.

They are also notorious for being expensive sneakers, which is one of the reasons why many consumers choose to buy from auction sites like eBay and unauthorized stores that offer cheaper prices. We’ll also discuss in detail why they are so expensive.

Kris Jenner wearing Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers at Heathrow Airport in London on July 14, 2015

Kris Jenner wearing Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers at Heathrow Airport in London on July 14, 2015

Kris Jenner showing off her coveted Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers

Kris Jenner shows off her coveted Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers

adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York on February 12, 2015

adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York on February 12, 2015

If you’ve been thinking of buying online to save yourself a couple of bucks, make sure to closely inspect the product for signs of counterfeiting. Here are seven easy things to check to ensure you are buying real Yeezys.

1. Match tag details to box details

If your Yeezy sneakers come inside a box, make sure to inspect and compare the tag and label. A tag can be found on the inside of the shoe, which indicates details like the size and the serial number of the shoe. These details should match the ones on the box label.

2. Check the wave pattern

The Yeezy Boost 350 has a signature wave-like pattern on its Primeknit uppers. On genuine Yeezy shoes, the wave should be sideways, with irregular or different sized wave prints.

The Yeezy Boost 350 has a signature wave-like pattern on its Primeknit uppers

Fake pairs have waves that look more like they were printed from top to bottom instead of left to right.

3. Check the middle stitching

The heavy stitching detail in the middle of the shoe should go down all the way to the outsole. You would be able to physically check this with your fingers. The stitching ends right under the tip of the outer sole.

4. Check the heel details

The heel of a Yeezy shoe is filled with intricate details. Make sure to pay close attention to the heel tab, which has red stitch details marked with box stitches.

The stitched square portion of the tab should contain five stitches, while the rectangular portion in the middle should have nine stitches.

The heel of a Yeezy shoe is filled with intricate details

Another detail to watch out for is the placement of the heel tab, which should be just one centimeter away from the heel collar. In most counterfeits, the tab is stitched a lot further away, creating a wide gap between the tab and collar.

5. Check the insoles

The removable inner soles have an Adidas brand name and logo print. Counterfeiters typically use white ink while the genuine ones have a somewhat grey tone ink. When removed, you should see that the inner part of the shoe has the same material as its uppers.

Fakes usually have a cheap-looking white fabric that’s stitched into the shoe. The logos and brand name on the insoles and outsoles should also be in opposite directions and look reflective (or like mirror images) when they are side by side.

6. Check the outsole

One of the most important details, which the counterfeiters often get wrong, can be found on the outsoles. On the bottom of the Boost, there’s a white exposed part that has flower-like embossing.

On the bottom of the Boost, there's a white exposed part that has flower-like embossing

The pattern around them should be textured and irregular on both shoes. On genuine pairs, this part should feel a little mushy to the touch, fake ones will feel more rigid and tough.

7. Check the side logo

The Adidas logo and YZY stamp are placed on the inner sides of each Yeezy pair. These should be centered and placed on the suede-like panel. Counterfeits typically have off-centered logos, with fonts that are a tad bigger than the original.

The Adidas logo and YZY stamp is placed on the inner sides of each Yeezy pair

Pay attention to the texture of the side panels, which should feel velvety to the touch.

Questions Regarding Adidas Yeezy

Are Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers on DHgate real?

No, DHgate is a known scam retailer and does not sell authentic products. Fakes are not the real thing and you get the quality that you pay for. It’s better to save up instead of buying a low-quality product.

Who makes Yeezys and where are they manufactured?

Yeezy shoes are manufactured at factories operated by Adidas, primarily in China. However, the multinational corporation also makes footwear in Cambodia and Puerto Rico.

Due to the company’s complex supply chain structure, it’s not possible to determine the authenticity of a pair of Yeezys simply by looking at where they were made.

Are Yeezys made in Vietnam?

According to the most recent list of factories making shoes for Adidas from July 2017, the factories in Vietnam are not producing footwear.

Why Are Yeezys So Expensive?

While Kanye West helps create hype with his shoe designs, he is not the main reason why Yeezys are so expensive. In terms of the materials used and the workmanship, his shoes do not even begin to compare with designer shoes from similarly priced brands.

Instead, it’s the simple law of supply and demand. Adidas makes an extremely small amount of Yeezys compared to the number of potential customers who’d like to buy a pair. If Adidas and Kanye West were to increase production, the price per pair would go down. And the hype would eventually die down as well.

Watch the video below for more tips on how to spot fake Yeezy Boosts.

Refer source: How to Spot Fake Yeezys: 7 Ways to Tell Real Yeezy Shoes

How To Tell If Your adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts Are Real or Fake

There's no hotter sneaker on the market right now than the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost. Kanye West's latest design officially released in late-June, instantly sold out and is re-selling for no less than 5 times the retail price.

Before Kanye inked a deal with adidas, sneakerheads didn't have much to be concerned with when it came to counterfeit 3-Stripe branded product. But that all changed with Yeezys, and the 350 is one of the most reproduced adidas shoes to date.

Below is a step-by-step guide to assist you in seeing the differences between an authentic pair and a knockoff, broken down by @Fake_Education.


adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (1)

Fake Education: "First, in the highlighted green area, you see on the unauthorized pair the heel-tab is placed a lot further away from the ankle collar."

Toe Stitching

adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (2)

Fake Education: "The black stitching pattern going up the middle from the midsole on the unauthorized is just a disaster. On the retail real pair, you can see that there is a clear pattern that looks like an "X" and then a square — and it repeats."


adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (3)

Fake Education: "The writing on the insole of the unauthorized is white, which is incorrect. It's black on the real pair. Also, the wording runs in the opposite direction on the unauthorized."

Bottom of the Insoles

adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (4)

Fake Education: "The underside of the insoles are completely different on the unauthorized."


adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (5)

Fake Education: "The 'YZY' is massive on the unauthorized. The font is tremendously larger. Easy to spot."


adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (6)

Fake Education: "The adidas logo is super-sized on the unauthorized."

Size Tag

adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (7)

Fake Education: "Inside size tag says 'Sample' on the unauthorized, which is incorrect."


adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (8)

Fake Education: "When you remove the insoles, this is what you see. Notice the retail pair has a black strip going thru the middle, while the unauthorized has exposed stitching."


adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Real/Fake Comparison (9)

Fake Education: "The unauthorized box is all wrong."


Fake Education: "The wew unauthorized 350 Boosts come with the correct box now. Stay tuned for the updated comparison."

Refer Source: How To Tell If Your adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts Are Real or Fake

what is silver sneaker

What is silver sneakers

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Here’s what you should know about this health and fitness program designed for older adults.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a no-cost gym membership for older adults? What if you could also take fitness classes designed for seniors and led by supportive instructors? And have access to on-demand video workouts you could do anytime?

If that sounds like the perfect program to help you get and stay fit in your golden years, we have awesome news for you. If SilverSneakers is included in your Medicare Plan, you can have all of that—at no additional cost to you.

To help you learn more and take advantage of SilverSneakers, we put together this handy guide to the questions we hear most often from older adults and their loved ones.CONNECT

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Question #1: What Is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that’s included with many Medicare Plans. SilverSneakers members can:

  • Go to thousands of gyms, community centers, and other participating fitness locations across the nation.
  • Take fun exercise classes designed for seniors of all fitness levels and led by trained instructors.
  • Access an on-demand video library of classes and workouts.
  • Download the SilverSneakers GO app to get your digital membership card and workouts (free, iOS and Android).
  • Find a friendly, supportive community in person and online.

The goal? To help you stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. Regular physical activity keeps your heart, brain, bones, muscles, and joints healthy. If you have a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes, or osteoporosis, safe exercise can help you feel better. Plus, staying social is vital to good health.

According to SilverSneakers members, it works. In fact, 94 percent of members rate their health as excellent, very good, or good. And 88 percent say SilverSneakers has improved their quality of life.

Question #2: How Do I Get SilverSneakers?

If you currently have a Medicare Plan and you want to see if it includes SilverSneakers, you can check your SilverSneakers eligibility instantly here.

If you’re new to Medicare or looking for Medicare Plans that include SilverSneakers, you can find participating health plans here.

Question #3: I Lost My SilverSneakers Card. How Do I Get a New One?

If you’re already a SilverSneakers member, you can get your digital membership card instantly here.

To make things even easier, download the SilverSneakers GO app (free, iOS and Android). You’ll be able to:

  • Access your digital membership card anytime.
  • Find SilverSneakers locations and classes near you.
  • Discover, schedule, and track your workouts.

Question #4: Is There an Age Requirement for SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that’s included with many Medicare Plans, but there’s no age requirement. If you have a Medicare Plan, you can check your SilverSneakers eligibility instantly here.

Question #5: What’s Included in a Gym Membership with SilverSneakers?

You’ll get a basic membership at any gym and participating location in the SilverSneakers network. Facilities and amenities vary by location, but if available, that generally means you can use:

  • Cardio equipment, such as treadmills and ellipticals
  • Strength equipment, such as weights and strength machines
  • Amenities, such as pools and walking tracks

It does not include extras like smoothies, massages, or personal training. If you choose to arrange and pay for those on your own, you certainly can.

What else you should know: Unlike some other senior gym memberships, you can go to all—yes, all—of the gyms and participating locations in the SilverSneakers network.

Question #6: What Types of Exercise Classes Are Available, and Who Teaches Them?

You’ll find a variety of fun exercise classes designed for seniors of all fitness levels and interests. Classes vary by location, but if available, you’ll find:

  • Cardio and strength classes, which often offer a chair for support
  • Water aerobics classes
  • Chair and standing yoga classes
  • Tai chi, boot camp, and so much more!

SilverSneakers classes are led by supportive instructors who are trained in senior fitness. They can help you learn how to do exercises safely and adapt exercises for your needs.

Not a fan of the traditional gym? You might like SilverSneakers FLEX classes, which are taught at recreation centers, local parks, and other neighborhood locations.

And like gym memberships with SilverSneakers, you can go to all—yes, all—of the classes in the SilverSneakers network.

Learn more about why SilverSneakers members love our classes and what SilverSneakers instructors know that other trainers don’t.

Question #7: How Do I Find a Location or Class, and Can I Go to More Than One?

To find participating fitness locations or classes in the SilverSneakers network near you, use our location tool, or download the SilverSneakers GO app (free, iOS and Android).

And yes, you can go to any participating location or class you like in the SilverSneakers network, even if you’re traveling. For example, you can use weights or exercise machines at one location, swim in the pool at another location, and take a SilverSneakers or FLEX class at a third location.

Question #8: Do You Have Workout DVDs or Online Classes?

We don’t have DVDs, but if you’re a SilverSneakers member, you get access to our on-demand video library of classes and workouts. You’ll find videos for:

  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Fall prevention
  • SilverSneakers EnerChi

You’ll also find nutrition videos, such as healthy eating habits for older adults and how to read food labels.

To get started, log in to or create your online account.

Question #9: What’s the SilverSneakers Community Like?

Friendly. Supportive. Motivating. Fun. Like family. That’s how members often describe the SilverSneakers community.

What they all know: SilverSneakers is more than a fitness program, and often it’s the friendships that people make that keep them coming back. Many SilverSneakers groups even plan social events outside of classes, like potlucks or outings around town.

This social support has real health benefits. SilverSneakers members who participate in group exercise are more active, feel healthier, and are less likely to experience social isolation than non-members, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab study.

Plus, you can stay connected with other SilverSneakers members and fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Question #10: Do You Sell Silver Sneakers—or Silver Slippers?

We don’t sell shoes of any kind, but we do offer SilverSneakers shirts, exercise bands, and bags at the online SilverSneakers store.

Question #11: I Have More Questions! Can You Help?

If you have questions about your SilverSneakers eligibility or membership, you can call us at 866-584-7389 or email us at

Check Your SilverSneakers Eligibility Instantly

SilverSneakers members can go to thousands of gyms and fitness locations across the nation, plus take exercise classes designed for seniors and led by supportive instructors. If you have a Medicare Plan, it may include SilverSneakers—at no additional cost. Check your eligibility instantly here.

Already a member? Get your SilverSneakers member ID and exclusive fitness content by logging in to or creating your online account here.

yeezys release dates

Yeezy release dates 2020

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2020 is right around the corner, and in addition to the commencement of a new decade, it also marks the 5th year anniversary of Kanye West’s first Yeezy sneaker release since signing with adidas. After raking in record-breaking numbers in terms of units sold in 2018, and ramping up the volume of new colorways and silhouettes in 2019, this historical partnership still shows clear signs of strength and longevity as the high demand from the mainstream audience only continues to roll over from one release to the next. In 2020, we fully expect more Yeezys than ever before, and several are already confirmed for the new year. Get a rundown of adidas Yeezy releases in 2020 and check back regularly for the latest updates.

Last Updated: February 18th, 2020Upcoming: Yeezy 350 v2 Earth, Tail Light, FlaxUpcoming: Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN Orange
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Earth”Release Date: February 22nd, 2020Region: AmericasRead More: Yeezy 350 Earth$220Style Code: FX9033
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Tail Light”Release Date: February 22nd, 2020Region: Europe/RussiaRead More: Yeezy 350 Tail Light$220Color: Tailgate/Tailgate/TailgateStyle Code: FX9017
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Flax”Release Date: February 22nd, 2020Region: Asia Pacific/AfricaRead More: Yeezy 350 Flax$220
adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Orange”Release Date: February 28th, 2020Read More: Yeezy 700 MNVN Orange$220
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Cinder”Release Date: Spring 2020Read More: Yeezy 350 Cinder$220
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Cinder Reflective”Release Date: Spring 2020Read More: Yeezy 350 Cinder Reflective$220
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Desert Sage”Release Date: Spring 2020Read More: Yeezy 350 Desert Sage$220
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Linen”Release Date: Spring 2020Read More: Yeezy 350 Linen$220
adidas Yeezy 700 v3 “Alvah”Release Date: Spring 2020Read More: Yeezy 700 v3 Alvah$200Style Code: H67799
adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Bone”Release Date: Spring 2020Read More: Yeezy 700 MNVN Bone$220
adidas Yeezy Foam RunnerRead More: Yeezy Foam RunnerRelease Date: Spring 2020
adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Phosphor”Read More: Yeezy 700 MNVN PhosphorRelease Date: 2020$220
adidas Yeezy BasketballRelease Date: 2020Read More: Yeezy Basketball$250
adidas Yeezy 380 “Mist Reflective”Read More: Yeezy 380 Mist ReflectiveRelease Date: 2020$220
adidas Yeezy 380 “Supcol”, “Earthly”, and “Pepper”Read More: Yeezy 380 SupcolRelease Date: 2020$230
adidas Yeezy 380 Sample ColorwayRelease Date: 2020$200*Photo does not reflect actual shoe
Past 2020 Releases
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yeshaya Reflective”Release Date: January 24th, 2020Read More: Yeezy 350 Yeshaya Reflective$220
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yeshaya”Release Date: January 25th, 2020Read More: Yeezy 350 Yeshaya$220Style Code: FX4348 (Men)Style Code: FX4350 (Kids)Style Code: FX4351 (Infant)
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Marsh”Release Date: February 1st, 2020Read More: Yeezy 350 Marsh$220
adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Triple Black”Release Date: February 8th, 2020Read More: Yeezy 700 MNVN Black$220
adidas YZY QNTMAll-Star Release: February 16th, 2020Read More: YZY QNTM$250

Refer Source: Adidas Yeezy Release Preview For 2020